Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Reason Why I Disappeared

In my previous post, I wrote about the wedding as one of my reasons for disappearing from cyberspace for days. Yet there was another one I haven't said yet. This:

Because I was busy killing the zombies in my lawn! :-p Call it so shallow but like other peeps and guys out there, I also discovered the game they are going gaga about--Plants and Zombies. I once saw this game being played by my dear brother J and yet, while he seemed to be too glued to it, I didn't mind the whole thing back then seeing that it was just a plain, usual game like the others out there.

Funny but out of curiosity days within my disappearance from social networking site Facebook (but I was still tweeting my status updates on Twitter), I tried a hand at the game itself and as crazy as it could be, when I thought the game was darn boring, I ended up playing the game 'till three in the morning.

Nowadays, I use my cousin's laptop as it contains the complete adventure. ABS CBN Interactive offers the game at 99 bucks (I saw it at the mall countless times but I haven't tried it yet--maybe one of these days).

So what did I find out? The game is addicting and yet I was able to decompress from the stress of Facebook. But I'm still into nerdy games like BookWorm and Hangaroo.

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