Friday, April 9, 2010

No Au Revior at Areva

At least not for me (because in French au revoir is more like farewell right?). While MMLDC also boasts the Food Hall, I'd be biased to say that I prefer the Areva Pavilion. Who'd have thought that behind the tall white gates that welcome guests lies this relaxing open restaurant. Now I've been with MMLDC for four years and while the center also boasts of a Food Hall, I'd say I favor Areva.

During the recent SBM activity that I attended, the crew had been frequenting the venue for debriefing and of course the food. And while I have frequented the restaurant many times, I still keep coming back for the refreshing ambiance (the restaurant is overlooking a pool) and the yummy dishes (too bad for a small-framed lass like me, I can't eat like a man. :-p)

What did we have during the instances we went on an after work food trip? Here:

This was the crisy pata we had for dinner during our overnight stay last March 23. Sorry for the poor quality the photo (I'm still striving to befriend the digicam) anyway the dish was enticingly good that it's gone in as fast as three to five minutes.

This was the siding we got during the after work lunch last April 5 after visiting the last school. Prawn carcklings like the store-brought ones but the taste is like that from a Chinese fast-food chain. Being the junk food (if you consider so) junkie that I am I'd say being served this is favorable :-D I like this one dipped in vinegar and though the chips was served with a dip, it tasted a bit sweet actually it tastes like the vinegar used in atchara.

This shot's better finally! Main course for lunch--fried chicken and again with the prawn chips (now the prawn chips are more likely to that of the fast food chain). The chicken is good I'd like to think it broiled rather than fried because it's not too greasy. I don't normally eat the skin but with this one, I did.

For the veggies, we had Pinakbet. Yup the native Ilocano dish. Full of flavor and cooked just right--with the veggies maintaining it's appetizing crunch.

Their Sizzling Chinese Chorizo is one perfect alternative to the usual pork liempo sisig. Just for a change. For me who's not fond of meat sisig with lots of onions, I prefer having this instead.

We had brownies of dessert and it's the same luscious treat. Not too sweet and it doesn't taste bland. The whole food experience was one gastronomic treat. If there was one thing I regret for not being included in this post, it's their Strawberry Banana Smothie--another treat that to me is sooooo heavenly.

Areva Pavilion is located at Meralco Management Leadership Development Center, KM. 27 Sumulong Highway Antipolo City

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