Sunday, April 11, 2010

Miss Bridesmaid

I'm off to the wedding of my grade school best friend in a few days. And while the big day is fast approaching, there still are stuff to attend to. Just a few days ago, after being notified of a seemingly disastrous wardrobe mishap (it turned out that someone else took home my gown), I was able to retrieve it together with the invitation for the wedding.

The invitation follows with the pink motiff.

The first page reads the passage from 1 Corinthians 3:4

If you were to observe what's common in these two photos, it's that address. Yes, there's still that Ms. just before my name. While I am still not that used to being called that way, I guess I should start being okay with it.

I decided not to post the photo of the gown yet. I'll just have photos taken on the day of the wedding. The event's in six days and while I am not the bride, just the bridesmaid, there still are some matters I have to address prior to this event--the make up, the shoes and the gift.

And I plan to have them all addressed this afternoon.

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