Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Simple Acts and Seemingly Lasting Fame

Do you Google yourself?

This is among those quirky questions I heard on the radio before. Hollywood people admitted to it and at a certain point, I tried doing so -- Googling myself.

Call me shallow but such achievement to me is enough to consider one to be famous. Yes. You see, once your name's on the web, everyone gets to know you--at least by name if for a consolation.

Yes, you might have read my name in the paper five years ago.
Click on the photo for a better view

I'm a person who loves to store keepsakes. I have my "time capsule" kept under my bed and the photo above is among them. That's a portion of the page D2 of the Manila Bulletin published on February 08, 2005 when it featured my alma mater including the publications of different campuses and the respective editors. Call it a stroke of luck but two years before this came out, I had a chance to visit Manila Bulletin to talk to their publisher and had this playful thought that they will eventually feature my school. Of course I simply shrugged the whole idea only to see it in 2005. The said article came in print on the day that I was on the road to Subic for a regional competition and came to my knowledge three days after arriving in Rizal. I was too caught by surprise I froze literally staring at the board where the page was posted.

It's one of those few things that reminded me of my dreams. Yes, I wrote 100 of my dreams from the silliest to the serious ones and among them is to see my name on the newspaper. And I had my wish fulfilled--at an earlier time when I just dismissed it. But some things do arrive when you least expect. Cliche but indeed real.

I have these little remnants till now and while I am the kind of person who'd rather perefer to enjoy fame in the comfort of secrecy, at least I'll have these to remind me of how it was once was. Little things to show my kids (if ever time comes). I guess, it's best to hear them say, "Wow, you were famous pala dati Mommy!"

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