Friday, May 28, 2010

Cut Him Some Slack

Among all the other things that rings the bell in the news lately about president apparent Noynoy Aquino, there is this thing about him that has been repeatedly featured and asked in every news program--his smoking habit and if he will be able to quit it now that he's off to become the next president.

Majority of times has he been asked about this and a lot of people had been advising even convincing him to quit this so-called vice that was even caught on cam for a lot of times--him with that cigarette on hand. Now when I learned about this, I remember telling a colleague that probably they're trying to see even compare Noynoy to US President Barack Obama. Just to recall, Barack had this deal with his wife Michelle that if ever he wins the presidency, he will have to stop smoking. A promise that was likewise made to be broken as he later admitted that he still haven't quit the vice. He still smokes but not in the presence of his kids.

To which my colleague told me, "eh that's a deal with a wife. Wala namang asawa si Noynoy." At the back of my head, I was questioning yes, he may not have a wife yet but he has a girlfriend and in that case, what could his girlfriend be be saying about this seemingly unstoppable vice?

The incoming president said while it is possible to quit, it will have to wait; after all becoming a president is a stressful job and smoking is among the easiest diversion.

I'd be biased as I confess I would also want a total cigarette ban. My dad used to be a smoker too yet, he was able to quit it since last year which gave us a really huge sigh of relief since we have long been reminding him to quit. It is also among my non-negotiables that I will not be entertaining suitors nor marry a man who is actually a chain smoker (who wants to be a young widow? I don't!). If I go on dates, even on a first meeting, I strictly yet unconsciously try to observe a guy (if he smokes) on his smoking habit--even if it's just a stick of cigarette, at the back of my mind, "you're just 26 and already a candidate for lung cancer." (Guys better take note of that or should I say beware just in case you get to encounter me.)

Dad's opinion was actually among the ones that I agree with. Instead of people trying to change the person's habits, why not change the system? There will be no chain smokers if there won't be manufacturers to start the whole thing with. He was precisely right at that--if not only for the reason that the government benefits a lot from these vice-starting businesses with the large amount of sin taxes they feed the government with.

And to think of it, regardless of how many reminders and pleas that people would say if the person himself won't be taking the initiative to change, words will just be useless. the effort still has to come from the person himself.

Who would not want to enjoy another year added to his life as a bonus for quitting such a lethal vice? And with such a vibrant, and charming lady to top it all, surely everyone would and I hope our incoming president realizes that too.

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