Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hypermarket Horror

I got to do two things yesterday out of an inconvenience: get really pissed and utter two words: CUSTOMER CONCERN.

I am not disconcerted in admitting that I do get easily pissed even by trivial things at times however, this incident just made me call the shots that I had enough.

For such a long time, I had seen trips to the supermarket as an educating activity rather than a chore. I've already started to enjoy the whole thing doing it alone or even with mom. Not until this occurrence happened yesterday, May 22:

Just a few days ago, I went to the SM Hypermarket branch in Taytay with her to buy some stuff. As we all know, supermarkets now rely on bar codes which was supposed to make the whole supermarket trips and transactions a breeze; but then when I was in that establishment I can't say that my visit was convenient. The first thing I've observed was their aisles are actually in a tumult. Disorganized compared to how it normally was confusing the consumers in finding for the merchandise they need. You'll have to go to a different aisle. And despite the presence of signage, if you've been so used to the old set-up like I do, you'll get lost and pissed. Of course, there is this usual signage that says "Sorry for the serve you better."

While it was indeed inconvenient, I just decided to let go and accept the usual apology. However, there seemed to be something more worse than the first offense.

Our items were all packed and ready to be paid when the cashier informed me that I still had to wait as two of the items does not have a bar code. I took it fine again as it was a normal occurrence expecting that it will take us just a minute (I normally experience the waiting game in the counter for my change prior to this one). However, what really sent me almost fuming mad aside from waiting for ten minutes was when the cashier told me this:

"Ma'am wala po palang bar code yung dalawang items."

Call it negligence, or lapse on their part but while I knew I normally let some lapses pass, this time, I was unable to afford doing so and found myself saying these to her:

"Miss, pagka ganyang walang barcode ang produkto nyo, wag na wag nyong ilalagay sa mga shelves yan. Nakakaabala kayo mabuti sana kung saglit lang yang aberyang gawa nyo pero hindi. That's a huge customer concern."

And in my opinion it really was (there were a lot of those items in the shelf so probably those don't have bar codes either--talk about further inconvenience to other people). And while I normally shrug my shoulders and be quiet in the past similar instances, I suppose that yesterday, it was all fine for me to complain. There I was trying to hide that pissed feeling in front of the packed items trying to dig in for those two items that I was actually willing to pay for if not for the fuss.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be on VIP mode but as someone working in an institution where clients and their feedback (positive or negative) are valued, it's a big deal. CUSTOMER CONCERNS ARE ALWAYS A BIG DEAL! And in the business where I am, I know how it feels for a frustrated, irate, disappointed customer when he goes through such inconvenience--even if I don't regularly face customers on the front line. I was the customer yesterday--more appropriately, the frustrated and disappointed one.

To the management of SM Hypermarket Taytay, if you chance upon this (And I really plan to raise this to your awareness), I hope you'll address this customer concern regarding your establishment merchandise strategy in the soonest time possible. I'm not really demanding for your explanations as it's a very, very pre-owned norm; but if you'll still insist on doing so, fine. Please don't let more customers get irate and fuming mad because of this inconvenience in your store.

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