Friday, May 21, 2010

More Than Just a Red Bee

Jollibee is really a celebrity!

I should say so. Here in the Philippines, it's a funny note that aside from mama, a child's first word would be Jollibee. If you're a Filipino child, your memories spell that red, smiling creature. Just a few days prior to this entry and being the Gleek that I am, I was indulging on Glee's Dream On episode because of the thing that Neil Patrick Harris will be guesting on the show. However, to my surprise, there was actually more to that.

If you'll watch closely, more than just a video of Artie Adams dancing inside the Eagle Rock Plaza Mall in Los Angeles, itreally caught my eye and sent my gossebumps up because they were performing in front of a Jollibee store! One of my classmates Joy Cabaltera told me of this (as she's a Gleek too!) and just like a positive wildfire, the said episode was featured by Janelle So in one of her Tweets.

It was something that was unplanned as said by Yahoo Southeast Asia's Charley Braga in her post as the scene caused a huge stir in both Pinoys and Glee fans. And who would not be thrilled? Seeing things like these are absolutely wonderful. And as to the presence of a Jollibee store in a US city like Los Angeles, California why not? Eagle Rock is known to be home to large Filipino community in California so no wonder that Jollibee is a landmark there too.

Back when I was still teaching, I recall my former student, Dorothy's fond description of Jollibee: "Oh, that's the red bee right teacher?" And as I type these down, if that conversation could have a repeat, I can tell her now, he's not just the usual red bee Dorothy--but a red, celebrity bee.

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