Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Random Facts About Me (That I Didn't Include in that Facebook Tag)

One of the things that probably made Facebook popular is the thing about writing notes and tagging people--a feature that can be compared to Friendster's bulletins and surveys. Days ago, my friend Ryan tagged me in a random fact note he made.

Through that note, I found some funny things about him--from his fondness for Pol Medina's Pugad Baboy comic books and watching Marimar as part of his childhood activities to intriguing ones (what's the self-inflicted curse that makes him single till now?). Some people I know copied the note without being tagged so I also found out who the human counterpart of Spongebob Squarepants' Mr. Krabs is.

Of course I answered the thing for fun upon being tagged. yet, half of the things I wrote there were actually a bit shallow and so here, I'm writing what my other answers were supposed to be:

1. I learned to speak and understand Spanish without enrolling in any speech academy. My training was purely from reading Pablo Neruda's poems.

2. I can describe my personality based on three characters: Elle Woods, Andy Sachs and Lt. Amor Santander (go figure out who they are in case you aren't familiar yet)

3. As a kid, I was scared of mannequins with curly hair and of Ronald McDonald (still because of his red, curly hair and the seemingly-bloody lips).

4. Despite being a seasonal asthmatic, I own a dog and a cat. I even let them sleep with me in my bedroom (just hide them so mom won't recognize or else--).

5. Aside from chocolates, I love prawns and crabs.

6. I easily get pissed over trivial things--from too much Tagalog (read: TOO POETIC) to grammar glitches (so watch out with your use of its, it's, your and you're). And the feeling applies even to myself when I commit the thing.

7. For some reasons, I avoid munching on egg pies because it tends to ruin my mood--in as fast as two minutes.

8. People sometimes laugh at my conservative side, it's because I was a product of a private-sectarian school for 11 years.

9. I never ate tomatoes until I was 23.

10.I have a penchant for cheese but tried taking it in moderation after my friend, psychologist Zecillea told me that cheese mongers tend to have high sex drive. I want to prove her that it's not true :-p

11. As a kid, I loved watching Doogie Howser MD. Admittedly, I find Neil Patrick Harris cute back then--but now? Well....

12. My ex once said that aside from the glow in my facial feature, he finds my nape sexy. I don't really know why and it's weird.

13. Unlike other girls who splurge a lot on bags and shoes, I spend much of my paycheck on books and fast food.

14. I might be scared of going to hospitals and appointments with doctors but I am a huge hypochondriac.

15. Aside from being lovesick, three things to trigger my insomnia would be 1) to spill out a thing I'm hiding; 2) to tell me you're pregnant; and 3) tell me you're getting married.

16. I applied as a secret intern for a basketball team in junior year in college just to meet the guy I had a huge crush on.

CLARIFICATION: In my answer to number 10, somebody might have misunderstood my comment on someone's answer regarding becoming a cheese monger--thus the thought that I was dumb; but actually I have researched the definition of what it is even before I commented. Leaving the hanging sentence in my comment was not about seeking or asking for the definition of what a cheese monger is but because of the high libido joke which I decided not to say in the comment since I deem it to be kind of inappropriate.

It was actually fun knowing things about other people including friends. I enjoyed knowing things about Ryan as we only spent two weeks being together as office mates back then in Makati. Those facts were enough to leave me smiling even laughing as I read them. After all, despite being with friends most of the time, there still are things that one may not be aware of. In a way, being tagged and knowing things is one way to say good, clean fun.

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