Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy First Birthday

I haven't been blogging for a week as I have been venturing in a hopeful chapter in my life. So far, things are doing good and I feel happy about it. I've been meeting new people and establishing healthy friendships likewise.

By default today's Friday morning and I just arrived home an hour ago from a busy business district. As it's June 25, while I reached a year and five months of singlehood, I am also celebrating the first anniversary since I decided to join the Facebook bandwagon.

I've written lots and lots of comments on that of my friends' status on their walls, played FarmVille, Pet Society and Country Story even discussed and exchanged opinions and stuff.

A year of status, notes, posts, likes, tags and comments. Sometimes it seems silly but then at times when people would comment and even like about what I say, I can't help but sometimes ask even quietly react if I do make sense.

Well, I guess I do. At times.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello, Goodbye

This title's got some similarity with other people's blogs but then I suppose this is the most appropriate one to use today. And as I type these words down, I am contemplating on matters related to a new chapter in my life that will begin in a matter of days.

Leaving is necessary to a new beginning.

My documents now are almost complete. Last night, when I took hold of MMLDC Highlights, there was a loud sigh that was just too hard to let out. And it dawned on me that after four and a half years. I'm off to bid the magazine goodbye. Prior to this writing, I had met my section editors in the morning as well as my other co-workers and co-teachers from where I worked in the past. The second quarter issue is still on the works and I am not sure if I will be able to see what I dub now as my farewell issue. I guess I won't be able to do so--read my final articles.

It was a painful decision that despite leaving with the well wishes of the people I knew and treasured working with, I am leaving a part of me that I really loved. Last night when I read the article that I wrote for the 10th anniversary issue, there was an urge to cry that I knew I wanted but I never did (however, it's happening right now).

Luigi Pimentel, a former colleague once told me that he hate goodbyes. I wanted to ask why back then but never did. Now I guess I know. Who would love it, right? I sure do feel the same way right now. But as time passed, I have been having realizations about the things that I've wanted to have and do: get a living, save up, go to graduate school and eventually move to Canada.

And I won't have it if I will not start doing something now.

Aside from partly bidding blogging, Facebook and Glee marathons au revoir for some time, I know that in order to move towards the realization of my plans, I've got to sacrifice some things; including giving up one of the things that I really love in exchange for something that is hopefully for the better.

I will be honest. I still have little fears. But quoting that wonderful line from the song Defying Gravity, there are some things I cannot change but 'till I try, I'll never know! And while I don't know yet how things are going to be when this new chapter begins, I keep on praying for what God deems to be meant for me.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I've been blogging for half a decade and had never done anything related to designing my pages. My original blog, from a previous social networking site was tweaked a lot of times before I found one that made me settle for. Since I started, I was more critical about grammar, content and spelling of my entries.

But lately, I've been discovering things and trying to explore my techie side. I've learned a few about Adobe Photoshop now so at least it's a piece of convenience and I've tweaked the design of this page more than twice yet I still felt I am not fine with it.

But as I checked out this new feature from Blogger, I was able to find this design which will permanently be my blog's template. I found the design so chic and just the way I wanted it. I've got a huge penchant for roses and I've got a fetish for the color red too.

So here's the zone I've been wanting for long. All dolled up and it's reflecting the real me--in love with writing and with the color red.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hypenated Address

If you are a married woman working in the media, how would you feel about using your new surname?

I was watching a TV program with Dad days ago when this question came popping inside my head. Apparently, dad was curious on why Korina Sanchez was not using her new surname when introducing herself despite being married to Sen. Mar Roxas.

At a certain point I came to ask the same question too. Like why in the world are they doing that? Aren't they proud of their husband's surname?

But actually, I think that the the answer mostly involves RECALL. I know a lot of media personalities who are married but decided to keep their last names--leaving people surprised. And if you are a media practitioner and has been in the business for so long, people tend to remember you with your maiden name.

An old article of Cosmopolitan listed the things to consider before getting married and surprisingly, among the questions was "how would he feel if I keep my last name?" I never thought it could be such a concern. Being in a certain form of media (I write for a magazine so I suppose that counts), I had to contemplate on the query but was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I have a choice: Let my maiden name be a forever initial or spell it out, hyphenated with what will be my supposedly new surname.

But if ever I'd be asked the question, I'd love to and would proudly use my future husband's surname if I do get married--hyphenated or not, I'd be glad to accept a brand-new last name. But for now, I'm relishing my surname while I still have it; regardless of how an alter-ego of Neil Patrick Harris annoys me when he addresses me with a Ms. in it.

I just can't believe my middle initial's going to be O though--oh no!

photo courtesy of

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Weekend With Celine and Beth

Over the weekend, I spent some quality time girl bonding with pals Celine and Beth to watch Sex and the City 2. It was an out of whim invitation as Beth was really urging me to go while I was really having second thoughts because for two reasons--the paycheck wasn't around and I was unable to see the first Sex and the City so I don't know what's up for me in its second installment. But likewise, I said yes on the day itself.

Note to self: watch out for your pose--the arms

This is me and Celine while we were hanging out at the Food Court. We had to wait as the movie was for 4:40 pm. One of the reasons I also decided to say yes to Beth was also to see Celine and Mela Vinarao (who unfortunately was unable to go with us so the girls of Sex and the City is incomplete during that weekend). These girls were my chums during my days as ESL teacher two years back.

Note to self: I need decent haircut again (read: the posh bob)

Beth has been my work buddy both in Highlights and once in ESL teaching. Nowadays she's been a constant movie date. You know, single girls have each other for events like that. Though I'm literally bridging and in a way pushing her to go date one of our former co-writers AP. I'm glad I decided to accept the movie invitation as I learned a lot in the movie--particularly from Carrie Preston (the former Carrie Bradshaw).

I'm saving that for another post.

photos courtesy of Celine Jayoma.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tedious But Worth The Sacrifice

Finally it has been declared that El Niño is over. And to me, it's a bit of relief. Goodbye to the harsh weather and of course to this mid-afternoon sleepiness that has been consuming much of me.

On the other side, I had been so busy lately as it's high time for the magazine. The second quarter started later than I normally saw it. Being in the stint for four years, normally the release of the first issue is in March or April but this year we sent out the first issue in May; and so we're running after deadlines so we can hopefully set out the second issue by this month or next month.

So my mornings are again consumed by writing or revising articles, doing follow ups with my section editors through email and occasional phonecalls plotting and doing interviews as I have a number of articles assigned to write about.

My night time is still not excluded as I use this for my reading. Call it coincidence but due to my busy schedule with the articles and the fieldwork, I was unable to read the book I've Been Dating...Now What? until the second day of June.But just to clarify, I am not dating yet as of this writing. And it seriously needs some devotion of time to understand each part. As of now, I am dealing with the definition of social obligation in the context of marriage and must ask mom about child discipline matters. I am actually learning a lot that I don't mind spending late hours just for reading.

And in line with this new venture, I started doing a 40-day blog challenge where I wrote my daily observations and learning (may it be personal or related to the lessons) on a different blog. And I wrote them in a short but meaningful way--in Filipino.

There are some things that are actually tedious as it seems but then, at the end you'll find out it's worth all the effort. Thankfully tomorrow's a weekend and I can have some bonding time with some girlfriends.

How do you plan to spend your weekend? Drop me a not and I'd be happy to know.

Like it? Then Click!

If you're one of those Facebook Nazis out there like I do, surely you're familiar of the sign pictured above. Now get ready bloggers because the said sign will no longer be exclusive to the social networking site alone.

Because the widget is also compatible to your own blog post!

You saw that right folks! I've seen this sign over at one of my favorite blogs Topaz Horizon and of course being the mild techie that I am, there was the whole curiosity streak playing around like how's that done? You see this blog has widgets here and there and I have fun learning how to give my page some DIY. Thankfully, her hubby The Third World Nerd wrote an entry about this new cool widget complete with how to do it.

So finally, after some tries (I wasn't that lucky on the first installation attempt) the widget will be a mainstay for all my post.

You may check out the instructions by clicking here.

photo credit goes to The Third World Nerd.