Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hypenated Address

If you are a married woman working in the media, how would you feel about using your new surname?

I was watching a TV program with Dad days ago when this question came popping inside my head. Apparently, dad was curious on why Korina Sanchez was not using her new surname when introducing herself despite being married to Sen. Mar Roxas.

At a certain point I came to ask the same question too. Like why in the world are they doing that? Aren't they proud of their husband's surname?

But actually, I think that the the answer mostly involves RECALL. I know a lot of media personalities who are married but decided to keep their last names--leaving people surprised. And if you are a media practitioner and has been in the business for so long, people tend to remember you with your maiden name.

An old article of Cosmopolitan listed the things to consider before getting married and surprisingly, among the questions was "how would he feel if I keep my last name?" I never thought it could be such a concern. Being in a certain form of media (I write for a magazine so I suppose that counts), I had to contemplate on the query but was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I have a choice: Let my maiden name be a forever initial or spell it out, hyphenated with what will be my supposedly new surname.

But if ever I'd be asked the question, I'd love to and would proudly use my future husband's surname if I do get married--hyphenated or not, I'd be glad to accept a brand-new last name. But for now, I'm relishing my surname while I still have it; regardless of how an alter-ego of Neil Patrick Harris annoys me when he addresses me with a Ms. in it.

I just can't believe my middle initial's going to be O though--oh no!

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