Monday, June 14, 2010


I've been blogging for half a decade and had never done anything related to designing my pages. My original blog, from a previous social networking site was tweaked a lot of times before I found one that made me settle for. Since I started, I was more critical about grammar, content and spelling of my entries.

But lately, I've been discovering things and trying to explore my techie side. I've learned a few about Adobe Photoshop now so at least it's a piece of convenience and I've tweaked the design of this page more than twice yet I still felt I am not fine with it.

But as I checked out this new feature from Blogger, I was able to find this design which will permanently be my blog's template. I found the design so chic and just the way I wanted it. I've got a huge penchant for roses and I've got a fetish for the color red too.

So here's the zone I've been wanting for long. All dolled up and it's reflecting the real me--in love with writing and with the color red.

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