Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Weekend With Celine and Beth

Over the weekend, I spent some quality time girl bonding with pals Celine and Beth to watch Sex and the City 2. It was an out of whim invitation as Beth was really urging me to go while I was really having second thoughts because for two reasons--the paycheck wasn't around and I was unable to see the first Sex and the City so I don't know what's up for me in its second installment. But likewise, I said yes on the day itself.

Note to self: watch out for your pose--the arms

This is me and Celine while we were hanging out at the Food Court. We had to wait as the movie was for 4:40 pm. One of the reasons I also decided to say yes to Beth was also to see Celine and Mela Vinarao (who unfortunately was unable to go with us so the girls of Sex and the City is incomplete during that weekend). These girls were my chums during my days as ESL teacher two years back.

Note to self: I need decent haircut again (read: the posh bob)

Beth has been my work buddy both in Highlights and once in ESL teaching. Nowadays she's been a constant movie date. You know, single girls have each other for events like that. Though I'm literally bridging and in a way pushing her to go date one of our former co-writers AP. I'm glad I decided to accept the movie invitation as I learned a lot in the movie--particularly from Carrie Preston (the former Carrie Bradshaw).

I'm saving that for another post.

photos courtesy of Celine Jayoma.


Anonymous said...

the bridge has collapsed now sis...can't date him as he's got a gf now. I just saw it the moment I opened my fb. Shocks!Oh, well that's life. sa tagal namin magkita ayan tuloy.haha


GLAIZA said...

Hay sis. Carry on. You're Samantha after all. So the next time you know na what to do ha. Wag na mahiya makipag-chat at mag-aya even for friendly chat over coffee.