Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happiness of Being Ahead

In my last post, I wrote how much my current job had started to change my life. And besides the knowledge there was more to that. This:

Our batch seem to be the the smallest among the others as we are only eight quirky people. Majority of us are ladies (thus, we get a few spoiling :-) and we've just got three guys in (three, including our trainer). As to the question of why it has changed something in me, well, in this batch I was both the "veteran", (yeah, unfortunately since I was once part of a past batch -- I only got eliminated then) I am also third among the oldest of these people as these pictured above are fresh graduates.

I look like a wabbit!

I find it a bit funny that when I think of being ahead agewise to these people, I feel like the mother hen or perhaps the Mama Bear to these guys (I even refer to one of them as my "anak" but they all call me "ate").

But nevertheless, it's still one cool bunch. Consider these:
  • A guy who's deepest, darkest secret is watching Vic Sotto movies.
  • A guy who's named after St. Bernard -- the saint, not the dog.
  • A girl who can turn heads and ears for singing Lady Gaga's Papparazzi in the midst of a film showing next room.
  • A girl often mistook for a Korean whereas, she's all Pinay.
  • A guy who's a mix of Pinoy, German and Chinese and sings the likes of Air Supply and all the 80's music.
I had a thing (sort of negative) about getting older aside from the fear of it and this thing that they call quarterlife crisis. But then, when I think of it now, in a way, there's actually something good to look at with being ahead (instead of saying old).

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