Monday, August 30, 2010

Defining Humility

I was not supposed to write an entry on this if not for an incident that in a way caused me to feel irked and disappointed. It was actually a scene while I was falling in line at a fast food chain in the mall yesterday, where there is this lady who was almost shouting her heart out angrily complaining to a lady service crew in the middle of a busy place filled with people waiting for their turn.

The reason for her disappointing behavior? One word. Ketchup.

Yeah. I'd say that being one of those people who witnessed such stuff, a woman really behaving badly in public is utterly disappointing. I was both mad and terribly disappointed with the woman (I'd rather use the word because her action was not actually ladylike so to speak) that if I was not that calm, I would gladly want to confront her right there and then to make her know that her act is so wrong and uncivilized. I can't help but mutter, "ketchup lang, ang babaw na dahilan para mag-eskandalo siya at habulin pa niya ng sigaw yung crew (it's just ketchup. How shallow of her to be that scandalous and shout after that service crew)

I suppose, I can't blame myself for feeling that way against the woman. After all, what she just did was really wrong -- too uncivilized even. It's such an irony but don't you find it true, when a person is right no one seems to remember, but when a person is wrong, no one, as in no one really forgets?

Sadly to others, even the slightest mistake like that of the service crew seemed unforgivable.

When I told that story to my mom last night, I was also thinking, why are there bitches like that woman in the world? In defense to the service crew, she does not deserve such humiliation. I'm not bragging or what but people like her; service crews, security guards, janitors and even food court attendants are among those people that I do have a thing for. I admire these people for being humble enough to serve and be of service despite that there are these mean people who look down on them as lowly ones.

And I feel utmost disappointment for such creatures who look down on them. What further irked me was seeing the woman pointing her fingers on the crew (despite the girl apologized and turned her back) and shouting, "hoy, ikaw bumalik ka nga rito, ano'ng pangalan mo?" Frankly, I felt like wanting to explode in anger seeing and hearing that. I really wanted to burst and tell that bitchy woman right on her face "why not trade places with her right now, at least you'd have a taste of her job and the idea of the humiliation you're causing her?" Just so she knew how it feels.

I myself am a customer. I've known and felt how it is to be waiting in line, even mistakenly addressed as "sir" when I should be addressed the opposite of it and other annoying incidents. But then, instead of complaining, I simply say "it's okay" instead. Why? because it's too petty to complain. Yes, there were also times I got bitchy but not to the point that I needed to yell and humiliate people. I believe that there are better ways to air out a complaint. Ways that are more decent, classy, even humane.

It disgusts me to see people being treated in a bitchy manner by someone in front of others. Probably, because I knew how it felt as I experienced being like that at a certain point. I admit, there are also times that I, out of being impatient, wanted to complain with angst to these service crews and fast food attendants but then, it always dawns on me that I am not in any higher position to humiliate another person -- regardless of the nature of his or her job. That instead of complaining, I look at the bright side of it. I am an ordinary person too so to speak, and so, who am I to be served, by another person? When I think of it, maswerte nang pinagsisilbihan pa nga nila ako to think na pwede namang hindi na, because I can do it on my own. But these people gladly oblige.

Thus, instead of complaining, I just try to give back with two words: Thank you. Yes, I know it is just plain, small and simple. But I know that for all that these people does, from the guard who greets me at the mall, who opens the doors for me in the establishment where he is, to a crew who helps me out in carrying the food I had to order, even cleaning the table before I put them down, a simple, yet sincere thank you is what I could give.

It could be that small. But then, I know that for these people, it's already something grand. Something worthy to let them know that their assistance and effort was greatly appreciated.

Too bad, that woman doesn't seem to know what that word is for the same way that she seemed to have forgotten what the word manners meant.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ang Tsinelas, Bow!

Ikaw, nahanap mo na ba ang tsinelas mo?

First time sa blog na ito na magsusulat ako in Tagalog.

Ang pag-ibig daw ay parang pares ng tsinelas.

Ito ang isa sa mga cheesy pick-up lines na napupulot ko sa paagmu-movie marathon kapag weekends. Gusto kong sabihin na may sense naman yun pero at a certain extent, parang hindi ko yun nararamdaman.

Pero hindi ito ang unang beses na na-encounter ko ang ganitong analogy. Nung college, isang schoolmate turned manliligaw (na sa basted rin nauwi) ang may ganito ring analogy. Pero sa kanya, ang girlfriend ay "manika" instead of tsinelas.

So, balik tayo sa usapang pag-ibig at tsinelas. Paano nga ba nangyari yon?

Parang tsinelas at sapatos daw ang relationship. Kahit buong araw kang nagsusuot ng iba't ibang style at klase, tsinelas pa rin ang kasasabikan mong hanapin at isuot pag-uwi mo sa bahay. Kahit ilan pa ang substitute GF or BF (as the case may be) meron pa ring isa na lalabas na mas pabor para sa yo -- sa pantaha ko, kumbaga sa tsinelas, merong isa na kumportable ka at paborito mong isuot

Kapag nakita mo na ang taong mamahalin mo, ibig sabihin nahanap mo na ang kapares ng tsinelas.

Habang isinusulat ko ito, natatawa at napapa-isip ako. Isa't kalahating taon na pero parang deadma lang. Oo. I suppose, bukod sa hindi ko pa nahahanap yung kapares ng tsinelas ko, ay merong isa pang rason.

Pwedeng tinatamad akong maghanap at ang isa pa, sanay kasi akong walang tsinelas. Literal and otherwise. Natatawa akong isipin kasi sa totoo, hindi ko ugaling magtsinelas kaya siguro it follows even sa ibang aspeto.

Komportable naman ako nang may tsinelas, pero yun lang, inaalis ko rin agad. Ang alam ko, mas sanay akong wala yun sa katawan ko.

Kaya siguro kahit sa relationship, ganon rin ang siste. Aaminin kong mas sanay sa wala kaysa sa mayroon. Oo, masaya naman ako na nakaka-appreciate na maganda ang tsinelas, na nakakakita ng magkapares, na masarap isuot pero iba pa rin yung pakiramdam ng kung anong nakasanayan ko.

Sanay na nakayapak, na wala o kung hindi man eh madalas maling pares ang suot.

Okay, mas mabuti pang masanay na walang suot at nakayapak kaysa masanay na maling pares ng tsinelas (o ng relasyon) ang suot.

Hindi ko pa kasi iniisip na bumili o maghanap ng pares ng tsinelas sa ngayon. Pero sana, meron ding naghahanap ngayon ng kapares ng tsinelas niya.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Before Another Weekend

Finally, my wish was granted. It was all worth the wait.

I am writing this down just a few minutes before weekend morning. Another week has gone by with a lot of challenge and loads of comfort from people. I'm home trying to figure out things and mapping out my plans as I had been busy with work over the week. I should say I still got a ton of things to do. And I'm also eagerly awaiting to witness something tonight. But then, let me leave you with these words, sharing with you such an inspiring Serbian Proverb.

"Be humble for you are made up of earth. Be noble for you are made up of stars."

Wise words indeed.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

On Closing Case No.1

If I were to count the duration, I've been a legal editor for a month already. Despite the odds and the uncertain thoughts, I seemingly had made it.

I want to use the word seemingly. After all, things do change and it's something that's constant on earth. And lately I have been pondering about how things had been. Prior to being in this job, I had been hoping and wanting for some feasibility in my life. Searching for feasibility was a thing I included in the "cases" that I planned and hoped to win.

In the middle of the battle, a friend gave me his encouraging words by telling me, "whatever those cases are, just do you best to win them." When I look at it now, I'd like to think that I have conquered a greater part of the first case. Nothing is permanent. It's a given fact. As I write this down, two of my batch mates were assigned to another account and I was left to stay in the team.

It seems to work. That when I feel like wanting to quit, given the difficulty, the adjustments and the set backs that appear along the way, I just tell myself three words: ONE MORE DAY. Since I went through the training stage, those words together with that wonderful thought of what and who motivates me seemed to do its magic. Yes, it could be that I am still conquering some parts of my life's "first case". Yet, I'd like to think that because I am here now, I have already won the battle and that this case is closed.

On the question of moving to Case No. 2, there's still six months before the year ends. I hope that I will also win that. After all, I have anticipated the reality that the second one may take long to win over.

But likewise, it's just a matter of being open to a lot of possibilities.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


How do you really define devotion in the context of romantic relationships in your own words?

It was a question that was running at the back of my head that provoked me to write this down, together with what I saw days back. FACT: I'm not a big fan of PDA. I feel uneasy with having my relationship status very much declared. Not that I'm embarrassed, but I'd rather say that I wanted to keep things like such to be a private matter.

Talk about invoking the right to privacy at some point and to a certain extent.

I believe then and I still do now, that love rarely lasts once revealed. While I went through the "usual" practices of panliligaw 101 Pinoy style and despite of the belief that I mentioned, I knew I was able to show devotion in my own way.

I mainly define devotion with three words. Know your limitations.

It was my choice not to be exasperatingly malambing (to the point that it seems annoying than sweet) as I am really not that showy to begin with. For one thing, just a hug and holding hands are what it takes to conciliate me.

And while I'm not the I may not be sweet, showy or revealing about my relationship stats, when I tell people that I am exclusively dating someone, I declare that verbally for once and my actions (READ: well-behaved) would follow to illustrate so. Relationships, after all, are sensitive issues that has to be treated well and dealt with caution, in respect to another individual and I do adhere to the word another word -- responsibility.

Yes, tangible things do matter I've been there and did those things too. Synchronizing my calendar to remind me of birthdays, anniversaries and weekly Sunday dates that's normally going to church for the mass and having lunch and/or dinner at home. Conversations over coffee at 3a.m. as well as preparing and having breakfast together despite that I only had few hours of sleep.

But the thing is, we have our own ways of doing and showing it. In my case, it was both significant deeds and selfless sacrifice.

Don't get me wrong. I am not against couples having photos and screen savers of them on their gadgets. That's nice. It's just that for me, there are other ways to show devotion. The same way that to prove that you love each other is not limited to just the three letter word about intimacy.

And maybe, you have your own way too.