Sunday, August 1, 2010


How do you really define devotion in the context of romantic relationships in your own words?

It was a question that was running at the back of my head that provoked me to write this down, together with what I saw days back. FACT: I'm not a big fan of PDA. I feel uneasy with having my relationship status very much declared. Not that I'm embarrassed, but I'd rather say that I wanted to keep things like such to be a private matter.

Talk about invoking the right to privacy at some point and to a certain extent.

I believe then and I still do now, that love rarely lasts once revealed. While I went through the "usual" practices of panliligaw 101 Pinoy style and despite of the belief that I mentioned, I knew I was able to show devotion in my own way.

I mainly define devotion with three words. Know your limitations.

It was my choice not to be exasperatingly malambing (to the point that it seems annoying than sweet) as I am really not that showy to begin with. For one thing, just a hug and holding hands are what it takes to conciliate me.

And while I'm not the I may not be sweet, showy or revealing about my relationship stats, when I tell people that I am exclusively dating someone, I declare that verbally for once and my actions (READ: well-behaved) would follow to illustrate so. Relationships, after all, are sensitive issues that has to be treated well and dealt with caution, in respect to another individual and I do adhere to the word another word -- responsibility.

Yes, tangible things do matter I've been there and did those things too. Synchronizing my calendar to remind me of birthdays, anniversaries and weekly Sunday dates that's normally going to church for the mass and having lunch and/or dinner at home. Conversations over coffee at 3a.m. as well as preparing and having breakfast together despite that I only had few hours of sleep.

But the thing is, we have our own ways of doing and showing it. In my case, it was both significant deeds and selfless sacrifice.

Don't get me wrong. I am not against couples having photos and screen savers of them on their gadgets. That's nice. It's just that for me, there are other ways to show devotion. The same way that to prove that you love each other is not limited to just the three letter word about intimacy.

And maybe, you have your own way too.

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