Sunday, August 8, 2010

On Closing Case No.1

If I were to count the duration, I've been a legal editor for a month already. Despite the odds and the uncertain thoughts, I seemingly had made it.

I want to use the word seemingly. After all, things do change and it's something that's constant on earth. And lately I have been pondering about how things had been. Prior to being in this job, I had been hoping and wanting for some feasibility in my life. Searching for feasibility was a thing I included in the "cases" that I planned and hoped to win.

In the middle of the battle, a friend gave me his encouraging words by telling me, "whatever those cases are, just do you best to win them." When I look at it now, I'd like to think that I have conquered a greater part of the first case. Nothing is permanent. It's a given fact. As I write this down, two of my batch mates were assigned to another account and I was left to stay in the team.

It seems to work. That when I feel like wanting to quit, given the difficulty, the adjustments and the set backs that appear along the way, I just tell myself three words: ONE MORE DAY. Since I went through the training stage, those words together with that wonderful thought of what and who motivates me seemed to do its magic. Yes, it could be that I am still conquering some parts of my life's "first case". Yet, I'd like to think that because I am here now, I have already won the battle and that this case is closed.

On the question of moving to Case No. 2, there's still six months before the year ends. I hope that I will also win that. After all, I have anticipated the reality that the second one may take long to win over.

But likewise, it's just a matter of being open to a lot of possibilities.

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