Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sentisabado: First Love and Courtship Stories

And comments were pouring in, huh?

Sentisabado has been a trending topic on Twitter every Saturday. Created by Gang Badoy, it's all about reminiscing Saturday memories with different themes every Saturday. For the past week, I've been trying to dig from my treasury of thoughts for something to Tweet about.

Yesterday's theme was about love and panliligaw. Just when we all thought it's another trending topic, it sadly wasn't so. The photo above was the screenshot of my status and was also my contribution to yesterday's subject.

I'd say that I've got some of those fondest memories of being courted; from receiving love letters in my doorstep, surprising me with breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning when I was in sixth grade, to having our love story published in the newspaper and eventually in a book. All of those make me feel giddy and ladylike of course though there are times I feel that it's too much.

Then came this guy who I thought would be able to make such a huge sacrifice -- by sacrifice which meant even if its inflicting himself with so much effort that I could not imagine of doing. What I wrote above was my entry to Sentisabado yesterday. Yes. That guy actually did that. Walk from my house in Angono all the way to the Antipolo Cathedral in the scorching 12 noon heat. At first, I did not feel happy about it. Upon knowing that, I even snottily said, "sinabi ko bang maglakad ka mula dito hanggang Antipolo?"

But don't get me wrong. Of course I felt sorry too especially when friends and people we both knew came up to me and testified that the act was for real. Yes, you read that right, there were witnesses who verified the seemingly crazy move that he did. We became a couple (as boyfriend-girlfriend) for a time being --five years and two months. He's now an ex and I'm now single again. Yet, when I think of it now, I still can't help but ask; why in the world would a guy like him do such things?

It could be that a girl is a precious being worthy who deserves something worth having thus guys are willing to endure sacrifice. I want to ask was I that special to him then, for him to do that one, but that's a question I can't verbalize nor think of in my head.

They say it is love can make any person do even the most outrageous things. Would you really agree? Maybe you could convince me with your opinions.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Dreamcatcher in Me

To be able to recall dreams. If superheroes have innate powers of having x-ray vision, this is my version of it. Regardless of how long my dreams in my sleep are, I am able to vividly get back to it (in detail) the following morning.

And it's the same whether the dream is funny, simple or even weird. Case in point: I once dreamed about this guy I have a secret crush on, getting married to someone at 3 AM in a church. He had people including a Makati traffic aide, in uniform, as a witness. The oddest part? Just as the ceremony ended, I saw him and his bride being kidnapped by ninjas and being brought to separate vehicles. It's weird really, that I woke up dazed the following morning.

These days, I have been crossing paths with one of my friends who I have not seen in years. This friend left for a worthy cause and while I was sad upon knowing the unexpected departure, I tried not to show it. Then it was on this dream that occurred to me years ago that I was able to tell him the disconsolation that I was feeling. But there, in that same occurrence he told me not to be sad, because my friend will be back.

While it gave me a weird feeling in the morning, I dismissed it thinking it was just like any other figment of imagination in my sleep. I documented that dream on an old journal just like the others. And few nights ago, out of nothing, I decided to browse on that journal. And as I try to sew everything, it just hit me -- what was in that dream came to happen.

If my friend owed up to his word and fulfilled his promise of if this is just a mere coincidence, I still don't know and I can't tell. All I know now is this:

My friend is now back. And I am more than happy.


More Reasons to Be Happy

Dropping for a few minutes to blog about my weekend. Well, things are doing great. I'd like to say that there are a lot of things to be happy and thankful of. While it has been a busy five days, I'd like to say it was all worth it as I was able to accomplish pretty enough important things.

What are those? Let me give you a rundown:

The membership application and my accommodating ophthalmologist. Since I was diagnosed with glaucoma last year, I've been taking my prescriptions seriously. The thing though is the price. The medication costs almost an arm and a leg and my Pfizer membership card expired a few weeks ago. Early this week, I received the membership form (which I requested last August) and all I needed was to have my doctor sign the form (to which he gladly obliged) and for me to have it mailed back to the manufacturer's office in Makati and I can use my card again.

Health insurance and Social Security premiums. Somewhat related to that first item as I will be needing them too, I started paying for my Philhealth and Social Security contributions early this year which I neglected for long. Being able to furnish both is really an accomplishment especially nowadays.

My articles for the third quarter issue of Highlights. I thought of returning to the magazine on the fourth issue but as I do this entry, I have finished two articles for the third issue and we're eagerly awaiting for its release, and I'm off to mark a milestone too -- but I'll have the detail on hold for now.

More assignments. Together with the magazine, there are a lot of writing projects too. And I don't mind spending even the weekend drafting articles and tinkering on the keyboard for that.

Green tips debut! Tentenen! :-p

My contribution to the MMLDC's Facebook page starts today. I was blessed with another project and while it's not part of the job description, these days, it has been part of my morning routine to watch out for the number of fans. It makes me giddily happy (just like everybody) whenever I see it increasing. Right now, we're eagerly awaiting for the 1000th fan mark which could be reached anytime today -- the lastest within the week. At the same time, MMLDC is giving away a prize for a very lucky fan. Click here for the mechanics or visit MMLDC's page on Facebook now. Who knows, that lucky fan could be you.

I'm going back to catch the movie on TV now. Have a great weekend folks.

*photo courtesy of MMLDC Foundation's Facebook account.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Sunny and Stunning Performance

Finally! The three-month long wait was over with yesterday's premiere of Glee's second season. I don't regret having waited this long, and of course one of the reasons (aside from seeing Rachel and Finn back on the screen) was Charice's performance.

While I've been a Gleek for sometime now, I guess there's going to be another Gleek in the making in the household -- my mom. She too was asking me of the whole program yesterday; from the airing to the duration of the program. And likewise she too was happy seeing Charice on the show.

Quoting Lea Michele's statement, "because you were from the Philippines where it's sunny everyday", I'd like to say that despite the chaos the country has been through lately, Charice's performance and participation on such a famous show as Glee is giving the country due justice and a huge pride.

Indeed, there are lots of good reasons to invite the sunshine in!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Instant Foreign Language Lesson

It's almost midnight as I type this. I am in multi, multi-tasking mode (as I have one earbud on my left ear playing a song by Soapdish, my phone's earplug on my right ear for the radio and on my screen are five different tabs of websites) and had just finished sending out one of my assignments to my boss's webmail.

So, you might be wondering what's with the can of mushroom soup. I just wanted its special appearance on my post. As I was working on an assignment hours ago, I just realized why not? After all, part of the topics being mentioned in my current task is food -- champignons.

What made me want to include this photo was when I remembered that word as I saw it in one of the materials that I have now in my messy table :-p More than just the comfort food (yup, just add boiling water for midnight snack) that saved me from the pangs of hunger at midnight, the can of mushroom soup is among those things that taught me to in a way understand French. As crazy as it seems, because of the things sent by my two aunts living in Canada, I've gotten to reading and a bit of translating words from English to French and vice versa just by reading the labels.

And I never thought l'apprentissage du français pourrait être amusant. Mais je continue à parler anglais ( learning French could be fun but I still speak English).

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Funny Way Toward the Weekend

This was an accidental ad lib while watching the showbiz news tonight on a local channel with my mom, dad and my nephew, A. The news was about the bachelor's gathering of a women's magazine.
Me: Awww!!!! Si Sam Milby!!!! (complete with that girly, giddy reaction)
A: Ang pogi!!!!

I can't believe he was able to beat me at it! Hahaha!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Aside from being a writer, another thing that keeps me sane is the penchant for teaching. Together with being a scribe, I spent a year and a half of my life as a teacher and it gave some sense in knowing that the trivia geek and bookworm in me has some use at some point.

I love checking out notebooks and stuff for reminders and assignments. Now, while my younger brother is just doing his thesis in the university for his degree (so, not much of the homework), there's the toddler nephew in kindergarten. Since his mom has duties at the office, I try to take time whenever I could, to check his school stuff for homework and even test results as well.

The teacher in me works its magic at some point. In a way, while I hate to say that bumming around after leaving my corporate job helped me do something productive, in this case, it actually is. I try to teach my nephew how to do his assignments even review the lessons for the next day. It just makes me cringe because he's got lots of subjects in school to think that he's just a toddler -- in kindergarten

However, for my part, I realized that I really am getting older. How? Because I am already having a hard time solving one kiddie assignment -- connect the dots!