Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Dreamcatcher in Me

To be able to recall dreams. If superheroes have innate powers of having x-ray vision, this is my version of it. Regardless of how long my dreams in my sleep are, I am able to vividly get back to it (in detail) the following morning.

And it's the same whether the dream is funny, simple or even weird. Case in point: I once dreamed about this guy I have a secret crush on, getting married to someone at 3 AM in a church. He had people including a Makati traffic aide, in uniform, as a witness. The oddest part? Just as the ceremony ended, I saw him and his bride being kidnapped by ninjas and being brought to separate vehicles. It's weird really, that I woke up dazed the following morning.

These days, I have been crossing paths with one of my friends who I have not seen in years. This friend left for a worthy cause and while I was sad upon knowing the unexpected departure, I tried not to show it. Then it was on this dream that occurred to me years ago that I was able to tell him the disconsolation that I was feeling. But there, in that same occurrence he told me not to be sad, because my friend will be back.

While it gave me a weird feeling in the morning, I dismissed it thinking it was just like any other figment of imagination in my sleep. I documented that dream on an old journal just like the others. And few nights ago, out of nothing, I decided to browse on that journal. And as I try to sew everything, it just hit me -- what was in that dream came to happen.

If my friend owed up to his word and fulfilled his promise of if this is just a mere coincidence, I still don't know and I can't tell. All I know now is this:

My friend is now back. And I am more than happy.


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