Thursday, September 9, 2010


Aside from being a writer, another thing that keeps me sane is the penchant for teaching. Together with being a scribe, I spent a year and a half of my life as a teacher and it gave some sense in knowing that the trivia geek and bookworm in me has some use at some point.

I love checking out notebooks and stuff for reminders and assignments. Now, while my younger brother is just doing his thesis in the university for his degree (so, not much of the homework), there's the toddler nephew in kindergarten. Since his mom has duties at the office, I try to take time whenever I could, to check his school stuff for homework and even test results as well.

The teacher in me works its magic at some point. In a way, while I hate to say that bumming around after leaving my corporate job helped me do something productive, in this case, it actually is. I try to teach my nephew how to do his assignments even review the lessons for the next day. It just makes me cringe because he's got lots of subjects in school to think that he's just a toddler -- in kindergarten

However, for my part, I realized that I really am getting older. How? Because I am already having a hard time solving one kiddie assignment -- connect the dots!


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