Thursday, September 16, 2010

Instant Foreign Language Lesson

It's almost midnight as I type this. I am in multi, multi-tasking mode (as I have one earbud on my left ear playing a song by Soapdish, my phone's earplug on my right ear for the radio and on my screen are five different tabs of websites) and had just finished sending out one of my assignments to my boss's webmail.

So, you might be wondering what's with the can of mushroom soup. I just wanted its special appearance on my post. As I was working on an assignment hours ago, I just realized why not? After all, part of the topics being mentioned in my current task is food -- champignons.

What made me want to include this photo was when I remembered that word as I saw it in one of the materials that I have now in my messy table :-p More than just the comfort food (yup, just add boiling water for midnight snack) that saved me from the pangs of hunger at midnight, the can of mushroom soup is among those things that taught me to in a way understand French. As crazy as it seems, because of the things sent by my two aunts living in Canada, I've gotten to reading and a bit of translating words from English to French and vice versa just by reading the labels.

And I never thought l'apprentissage du français pourrait être amusant. Mais je continue à parler anglais ( learning French could be fun but I still speak English).

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