Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Reasons to Be Happy

Dropping for a few minutes to blog about my weekend. Well, things are doing great. I'd like to say that there are a lot of things to be happy and thankful of. While it has been a busy five days, I'd like to say it was all worth it as I was able to accomplish pretty enough important things.

What are those? Let me give you a rundown:

The membership application and my accommodating ophthalmologist. Since I was diagnosed with glaucoma last year, I've been taking my prescriptions seriously. The thing though is the price. The medication costs almost an arm and a leg and my Pfizer membership card expired a few weeks ago. Early this week, I received the membership form (which I requested last August) and all I needed was to have my doctor sign the form (to which he gladly obliged) and for me to have it mailed back to the manufacturer's office in Makati and I can use my card again.

Health insurance and Social Security premiums. Somewhat related to that first item as I will be needing them too, I started paying for my Philhealth and Social Security contributions early this year which I neglected for long. Being able to furnish both is really an accomplishment especially nowadays.

My articles for the third quarter issue of Highlights. I thought of returning to the magazine on the fourth issue but as I do this entry, I have finished two articles for the third issue and we're eagerly awaiting for its release, and I'm off to mark a milestone too -- but I'll have the detail on hold for now.

More assignments. Together with the magazine, there are a lot of writing projects too. And I don't mind spending even the weekend drafting articles and tinkering on the keyboard for that.

Green tips debut! Tentenen! :-p

My contribution to the MMLDC's Facebook page starts today. I was blessed with another project and while it's not part of the job description, these days, it has been part of my morning routine to watch out for the number of fans. It makes me giddily happy (just like everybody) whenever I see it increasing. Right now, we're eagerly awaiting for the 1000th fan mark which could be reached anytime today -- the lastest within the week. At the same time, MMLDC is giving away a prize for a very lucky fan. Click here for the mechanics or visit MMLDC's page on Facebook now. Who knows, that lucky fan could be you.

I'm going back to catch the movie on TV now. Have a great weekend folks.

*photo courtesy of MMLDC Foundation's Facebook account.

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