Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sentisabado: First Love and Courtship Stories

And comments were pouring in, huh?

Sentisabado has been a trending topic on Twitter every Saturday. Created by Gang Badoy, it's all about reminiscing Saturday memories with different themes every Saturday. For the past week, I've been trying to dig from my treasury of thoughts for something to Tweet about.

Yesterday's theme was about love and panliligaw. Just when we all thought it's another trending topic, it sadly wasn't so. The photo above was the screenshot of my status and was also my contribution to yesterday's subject.

I'd say that I've got some of those fondest memories of being courted; from receiving love letters in my doorstep, surprising me with breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning when I was in sixth grade, to having our love story published in the newspaper and eventually in a book. All of those make me feel giddy and ladylike of course though there are times I feel that it's too much.

Then came this guy who I thought would be able to make such a huge sacrifice -- by sacrifice which meant even if its inflicting himself with so much effort that I could not imagine of doing. What I wrote above was my entry to Sentisabado yesterday. Yes. That guy actually did that. Walk from my house in Angono all the way to the Antipolo Cathedral in the scorching 12 noon heat. At first, I did not feel happy about it. Upon knowing that, I even snottily said, "sinabi ko bang maglakad ka mula dito hanggang Antipolo?"

But don't get me wrong. Of course I felt sorry too especially when friends and people we both knew came up to me and testified that the act was for real. Yes, you read that right, there were witnesses who verified the seemingly crazy move that he did. We became a couple (as boyfriend-girlfriend) for a time being --five years and two months. He's now an ex and I'm now single again. Yet, when I think of it now, I still can't help but ask; why in the world would a guy like him do such things?

It could be that a girl is a precious being worthy who deserves something worth having thus guys are willing to endure sacrifice. I want to ask was I that special to him then, for him to do that one, but that's a question I can't verbalize nor think of in my head.

They say it is love can make any person do even the most outrageous things. Would you really agree? Maybe you could convince me with your opinions.

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