Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Sunny and Stunning Performance

Finally! The three-month long wait was over with yesterday's premiere of Glee's second season. I don't regret having waited this long, and of course one of the reasons (aside from seeing Rachel and Finn back on the screen) was Charice's performance.

While I've been a Gleek for sometime now, I guess there's going to be another Gleek in the making in the household -- my mom. She too was asking me of the whole program yesterday; from the airing to the duration of the program. And likewise she too was happy seeing Charice on the show.

Quoting Lea Michele's statement, "because you were from the Philippines where it's sunny everyday", I'd like to say that despite the chaos the country has been through lately, Charice's performance and participation on such a famous show as Glee is giving the country due justice and a huge pride.

Indeed, there are lots of good reasons to invite the sunshine in!

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