Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Hopping

Second to books, blogs are among my penchants. And though I am busy with articles one after the other for our fourth and Christmas issue at MMLDC Highlights, I still find a few minutes to browse and skim the pages for their latest blog entries.

So, what are my blogs of note? Here are some of them:

Kwentong - My friend Mikhaela first introduced me to this blog back when I was still an ESL teacher in Ortigas. This blog is actually a chronicle about the misadventures of the author named Badoodles (who chose to remain anonymous) in the Philippines and that of his humorous experiences in the Land Down Under -- all written in native Pinoy style.

Strange Fruit - If you're an avid listener of Chico and Delamar's The Morning Rush on RX 93.1 you might as well be familiar of their segment Morning Rush Top Ten. This blog of RX DJ Chico Garcia never fails to make me laugh. I normally don't get to listen to their radio program in the morning so this compensates the deal, at least.

Hearty's Haven - Before I had the chance to personally meet Roch through a blogger's event early this year, I have been reading her blog for some time. It was through Nuffnang that I first found out about her when she was chosen as Nuffnang's blogger of the month last year. If you're into lifestyle, movies and a foodie by your own right, I recommend you guys visit her site -- she writes so well about those topics and more.

Topaz Horizon - Contrary to the simple design, this blog has lots of things in store. I first discovered this blog at the time I was following the now-defunct blog Disparate Housewife owned by former Cosmopolitan Philippines editor Ianne Evangelista. This blog is owned by OK! Philippines editor-in-chief Frances Amper-Sales filled with wonderful topics from fashion, Hollywood, the world of magazines and her life as a wife to Vince and a brand-new mom to Vito.

Jessica Rules The Universe - If you've been amazed with her Twisted series, wait till you read Jessica Zafra's blog. Filled with witty posts and creative illustrations too, among my favorites were her entry about an appeal inspired by a controversial boo-boo and above all, my favorite creature in the world -- cats!

Mapanuri - The author says he can't come up with such a catchy title to name his blog. But ask me what comes first to my head and I'd say Kim Atienza :-p The entries are bilingually written and again fit for foodies (complete with photos that will really give you that hungry feeling). Oh, before I forget to mention, it's written and owned by one of our newbie writers at MMLDC Highlights, Jeff Zapanta.

Fishball Perceptions - This goes last on the list. Fishball Perceptions has been my original online journal when I first got into blogging through Friendster five years ago. And a journal indeed as this blog contains five years worth of different stories about me, because while I have Zone of Solitude, this one housed the cheesiest events that I felt shy (if not embarrassed) to share. I have kept the site semi-private (so you can't really trace it in Gogle) and I just got into the habit of updating it lately after receiving comments for an avid reader from the Big Apple. Yes, from someone in NY.

There are so many blogs I'd love to read but then I got just so little time -- for now. Cyberspace has a lot of emerging blogs and hopefully, I can visit more of those new pages to add to my blog roll.


Roch said...

Thank you so much... *hugs*

GLAIZA said...

You're welcome Roch! :-)