Sunday, October 10, 2010

How About a Business?

What can I probably do with these?

This just came as a sudden thought to me last week. -- on my way home while inside the jeepney. I have been fond of keeping wedding invitations and wedding giveaways for the longest time I know. And for such a long time, I have been doing freelance stint which means I have the luxury of time to do other things.

It could be a good idea, right. I thought probably, I can venture in starting in this business of designing wedding invitations considering these reasons:
  1. I can do it at the comfort of my home;
  2. Despite the digital age, wedding invitations are still a staple part of such occasions.
  3. Gadget wise, I've got almost anything I need at home (though I need to have that Epson printer fixed).
  4. It does not need too complicated software to create one.
  5. Most of my friends and people close to me are getting married one after the other.
Right now, I'm going to need advice while I try to figure out the logistics of this kind of venture. Oh, and tons of wedding and bridal magazines (for trends and styles) too.

A single lady off to try something that includes weddings and couples? That's not bad after all.

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