Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Cheering for Jeff and Teng!

That's because these two guys joined the Great Migrations photo contest of National Geographic Asia. Now, I'm while I am not that good at photography (despite trying to befriend my brother's Canon EOS 400D), I still opted to vote for their entries (with or without the messages :-D).

To vote, click here.

Like this? Then, click here.

These are just two of my top picks among their entries. With themes Born to Move, Race to Survive, Feast or Famine and Need to Breed, you can show your support to your favorite entries by becoming a fan of National Geographic Asia on Facebook and click on the like option found on the photo entry's page.

While I don't have any entry to the contest, I suppose that this simple act of participation would already enable me to do my part. Being a conferred member of the National Geographic Society for ten years now, participating on this activity in a simple act as this would be a thing, if not the least that I could do to as the society puts it, diffuse geographic knowledge.

If you get to chance upon this, I urge you to vote too. Jeff's other entries can be found here while Teng's photo entry is in this link.

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