Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Things on My Birthday Wishlist

As of the last count, I am about to turn another year older in about a week and two days. Unlike the previous birthdays, I don't actually feel so excited to be honest. Though feeling a bit frightful when October started to settle in, I didn't really gave becoming another year older much thought.

My best friend Apple had been asking me about my plans for that day since two weeks ago. Actually, that part has remained blank until now. I'd like to think that it's reality. You'd reach a period where you tend to prefer celebrating in solitude, if not in the simplest way possible. And contrary to last year where I came up with a wish list here and there and celebrated my birthday over an informal blind date that I eventually ditched, I only have a thing or two for this year:

Flowers. I've long had a penchant for roses particularly the red ones. Even this blog's background has that design. More than giving that lady-like feeling, this is already enough to make my day -- breezier and brighter. This was from the website of Holland Tulips on Multiply, thus there are yellow and peach ones. As for me, I'd prefer the red variety.

Despite being in the office sometimes days in succession, I haven't been to MMLDC's The Pavilion lately. And so, among the things that I am missing is my ultimate favorite, strawberry banana smoothie. Though I have my own set of comfort food, this one tops my list when I am at the office. The last time I had a dose of this was with my friend and co-writer Beth. Second to cakes and ice cream, this is one that can win me over.

These are just a few shallow birthday wishes. The rather serious ones I am yet to reveal until maybe the night before the 5th. I might probably be working on some projects when that day falls.

photos courtesy of Google and Holland Tulips.

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