Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No More of the What Might Have Been

While this is actually my current "Last Song Syndrome", there's something behind this. But that's one thing I am reserving for another post. if there's one thing I am sure right now, quoting the lines from the song itself, "I'm ready this time. I know that I'm no longer undecided."

As to the question of "for what", I will have that one on hold. Please keep yourself posted by visiting this blog for future details.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Keeping New Things That Way

I am currently on a long weekend. This is actually the second long weekend I had since I got into a new job weeks ago. And well, let me see, how are things going?

I still don't have my computer at home; making me inactive with all the techie tasks leaving this blog, my Twitter page and Facebook status without recent updates. And since I have the time today, I am taking the most of it.

For two weeks, (entering three by tomorrow) I have been working at night from 10pm to 7 am in a posh business district (and sorry people, it's not in Makati). I'd like to think that I am getting used to it. The distance and proximity of my current work location is absolutely convenient -- to the point that I even get to squeeze some minutes to watch a concert before coming in to work when I arrive early (I just saw DJ Alvaro as well as the Bloomfields days ago) but save for some inconveniences in my internal clock, nowadays, it's making me a winner -- both when it comes to sleeping marathons and being an early riser. With my current schedule, I am already used to sleeping at 9am till 6:30 pm and when I don't have work on the weekends, I am normally asleep by 8pm and up at 4m.

My schedule made me more of a homebody. I never even cared about the recent town fiesta or even when people told me that my ex was in town. Since I work the night shift, it's been so long since I last read a newspaper, watched evening news and those kinds of routines. I resort to the online broadsheets whenever I am on my break. Yestrday, I got my copy of OK! Philippines magazine's December 2010 issue with Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement on the cover to catch up on the news that stopped the presses. Love indeed makes the world go round.

And though I am learning new things at work, there are some things that I admit to be weak at. Because I'm dealing with a different stint (it's actually journalism and IT combined), I face a new system and a different program which confuses me lately. But then, I am trying to work on it -- understanding the whole kit and caboodle. And while I have expressed my concerns and fears to a friend, I hope to conquer the whole thing. As I see it, I am blessed to be given with the opportunity in a good company, the perks are nice and the people I work with are good too (I have a colleague whose laughter and American accent reminds me of Alex Compton and Sam Milby -- but he's Pinoy).

Luckily, I can still retain some of my social life by chatting to someone over YM at least for 10 minutes or so. Talk about priceless moments.

And since I mentioned the word priceless, when I saw the happy faces of mom and dad yesterday when I treated them on a simple blowout with my first paycheck, I'd thought I would like to keep it that way. Seeing them happy in knowing that I am now earning on my own is one thing that I want to see over again, besides it's one thing that I wanted -- to help out even a little and for them not to worry about me because I am bumming around.

Life's good! Awesome and legendary even (just like someone's favorite expression). I'll finally catch up an episode of Noah on TV tonight. I kinda missed Piolo Pascual :-D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am on a Techie Diet

Hi folks! Just dropping by for a quick post. I know it's been a (long) while since I last made an update. Unfortunately, by PC at home is down (again) so there's no mail checks, no Facebook and no blog post.

Things are doing pretty well for me. As I type this, I am at the mall and I am in the process of scouting for a new mobile phone (one that's Wi-Fi ready) because despite being able to browse Facebook with my conventional mobile phone with WAP access, it's (so) slow.

I'll try to blog again as soon as the PC surgeon gets to overhaul my gadget. I hope you're all having a great weekend! :-)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Failed on a Protocol

I know that I mentioned a very strict protocol that writers and journalists seriously adhere in this post about a year ago. For the longest time that I am writing, I have tried my very best to follow this very important rule.

But I suppose despite extreme caution, sometimes it (or I) should fail. Caution isn't always fool proof in some senses. That was what I discovered last Friday -- yep, on my birthday itself. I was watching my managing editor as she replied to an email. Upon reading the name of the recipient and the word "apologize" I already sensed that there was something wrong.

And I was indeed right. I misspelled an important person's name. And while I tried to remedy the problem by emailing my editors the correct spelling, I think it did not arrive on time.

Of course, upon learning that, I admitted my mistake and was really apologetic for it. My mom, upon learning that the incident reacted, even thought it's too shallow but I understand.

Thankfully, while my offense could have cost me an arm and a leg, my bosses are forgiving. Yes, it's such a shame on my part and I hope and will try that this will be the first and last time it's going to happen.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Morning After

I'm happy to say that my PC is now back which means one thing: back to blogging. I am writing this post to say THANK YOU to the following people who have remembered my big day.

Muchos gracias goes out to the following people: My dear family from mom, dad, lola, my dear brother J., Tita Mely R., Tita Fe and Tita Vinda O., Tita Vicky R and my dear nephew Androuze O., Jay J. (who was the first to greet upon seeing my status at past midnight -- from Bangkok!), Ogie A., Erika E., Sig C., Rochelle S., Ma'am Jo J., Ms. Wawet SF., Sir Matt M., Sir Richard G., Mark U., Jared J., Maricar F., Anthony L., Mafz D., Barbie AC., Abby TS., Joy C., Lhaine C., Aldrin S., Ravelle MB., Grace N., Cielo S., Queenie C., Januver T., Carlo T., Diane R., Noelito C., Rowell V., Roievim S., Eileen T., Darcy R., Apple M., Joana V., Jayson T., Hermil I., Josua P., Mela V., Scarlette FS., Glen V., Mikhaela DL., Sophia S. and Ron L.., Elizabeth C., Alex P., Excel D., Jeff Z., Ms. Agnes F., Ms. Peng Y., Ms. Angie T., Sir Ariel V., Sir Niño S., Ms. Paz P., Ms. Bot A., Sir RJ C., Sir Noel A., Apple S., Sherwin R., Helen AB., Cath M and Rhea S.

While it was really rainy yesterday, these people's words were enough to really warm and melt my heart.

photo courtesy of Deviant Art.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Today, I am Now 26!

The new day began and I am another year older. I was indeed in a daze as I have no idea how to celebrate or even how to do so. Maybe that is just the ironic part of getting a bit older.

Just like the past year, I felt that I will be celebrating my birthday today in a simple way I know. While I just asked mom to cook one request, I bought my own cake. But before that, I decided to do the ritual that has always been a must during birthdays in the family -- attending the Holy Mass. This year, I decided to go up to MMLDC and attend the Eucharistic celebration in the Residence Hall chapel as my big day fell on a First Friday.

All I know is that despite of a deteriorating eyesight, to wake up to a bright morning daily is already a blessing. Being able to do so is enough reason to celebrate.

My wishes remain to be that simple. More and more days of light, a blessed career and hopefully an opportunity to work at MMLDC -- for good.

Today, I woke up to a bunch of greetings from friends, colleagues and bosses. While I can't seem to come up with a way to celebrate, those were all enough to make my heart melt.

Just like last year, I'm still single. While I am planning to extend it a bit longer, I am not closing my doors to the possibility of letting "it" in and welcoming someone. Nowadays, I am starting to believe that pain really has a purpose. A relationship has to end because there's bound to be a better one that will come. Just like what someone said, ang tao, parang kaldero yan. Lahat sila ginawa ng may kasamang takip.

It's raining greetings and blessings. For that I am thankful.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tell Me It's Not November Yet!

And although I don't like to believe, I suppose it is now. The calendar on the upper right portion of this blog reminds and will forever do so.

Speaking of reminders, set aside the big day these things I am looking forward to fulfilling in the next few days:

1. A new hairstyle. I've been wanting to have my hair done again and I've been meaning to do it months ago. But with the onset of things from my resignation at work and the arrival of writing projects for the magazine, I decided that I need to finish them first.

What will be this year's winning piece?

2. My article for this year's issue of the literary folio. Being a former chief scribe, I know I have promised current Petroglyphs editor-in-chief, Aldrin Sausa that I'll be a contributing editor for my alma mater's annual literary book. And with this pending stuff, I'd like to agree I'm going to work by Friday.

3. A Photo shoot with my brother. Probably another reason why I badly wanted and needed a hair makeover is for this one. Aside from being an artist, brother J is one of those "kinda gifted" photographers I could have (okay I'm biased -- again). And while he denied me of a painting, I just hope he won't say no to this one -- at least for my birthday. I'll just prepare his TF :-p

His trademark? This :)

4. To meet the person behind this message. Okay, but I believe this one would have to wait. I'll allow the suspense kill me for the meantime.