Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Failed on a Protocol

I know that I mentioned a very strict protocol that writers and journalists seriously adhere in this post about a year ago. For the longest time that I am writing, I have tried my very best to follow this very important rule.

But I suppose despite extreme caution, sometimes it (or I) should fail. Caution isn't always fool proof in some senses. That was what I discovered last Friday -- yep, on my birthday itself. I was watching my managing editor as she replied to an email. Upon reading the name of the recipient and the word "apologize" I already sensed that there was something wrong.

And I was indeed right. I misspelled an important person's name. And while I tried to remedy the problem by emailing my editors the correct spelling, I think it did not arrive on time.

Of course, upon learning that, I admitted my mistake and was really apologetic for it. My mom, upon learning that the incident reacted, even thought it's too shallow but I understand.

Thankfully, while my offense could have cost me an arm and a leg, my bosses are forgiving. Yes, it's such a shame on my part and I hope and will try that this will be the first and last time it's going to happen.

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