Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Morning After

I'm happy to say that my PC is now back which means one thing: back to blogging. I am writing this post to say THANK YOU to the following people who have remembered my big day.

Muchos gracias goes out to the following people: My dear family from mom, dad, lola, my dear brother J., Tita Mely R., Tita Fe and Tita Vinda O., Tita Vicky R and my dear nephew Androuze O., Jay J. (who was the first to greet upon seeing my status at past midnight -- from Bangkok!), Ogie A., Erika E., Sig C., Rochelle S., Ma'am Jo J., Ms. Wawet SF., Sir Matt M., Sir Richard G., Mark U., Jared J., Maricar F., Anthony L., Mafz D., Barbie AC., Abby TS., Joy C., Lhaine C., Aldrin S., Ravelle MB., Grace N., Cielo S., Queenie C., Januver T., Carlo T., Diane R., Noelito C., Rowell V., Roievim S., Eileen T., Darcy R., Apple M., Joana V., Jayson T., Hermil I., Josua P., Mela V., Scarlette FS., Glen V., Mikhaela DL., Sophia S. and Ron L.., Elizabeth C., Alex P., Excel D., Jeff Z., Ms. Agnes F., Ms. Peng Y., Ms. Angie T., Sir Ariel V., Sir Niño S., Ms. Paz P., Ms. Bot A., Sir RJ C., Sir Noel A., Apple S., Sherwin R., Helen AB., Cath M and Rhea S.

While it was really rainy yesterday, these people's words were enough to really warm and melt my heart.

photo courtesy of Deviant Art.

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