Monday, November 1, 2010

Tell Me It's Not November Yet!

And although I don't like to believe, I suppose it is now. The calendar on the upper right portion of this blog reminds and will forever do so.

Speaking of reminders, set aside the big day these things I am looking forward to fulfilling in the next few days:

1. A new hairstyle. I've been wanting to have my hair done again and I've been meaning to do it months ago. But with the onset of things from my resignation at work and the arrival of writing projects for the magazine, I decided that I need to finish them first.

What will be this year's winning piece?

2. My article for this year's issue of the literary folio. Being a former chief scribe, I know I have promised current Petroglyphs editor-in-chief, Aldrin Sausa that I'll be a contributing editor for my alma mater's annual literary book. And with this pending stuff, I'd like to agree I'm going to work by Friday.

3. A Photo shoot with my brother. Probably another reason why I badly wanted and needed a hair makeover is for this one. Aside from being an artist, brother J is one of those "kinda gifted" photographers I could have (okay I'm biased -- again). And while he denied me of a painting, I just hope he won't say no to this one -- at least for my birthday. I'll just prepare his TF :-p

His trademark? This :)

4. To meet the person behind this message. Okay, but I believe this one would have to wait. I'll allow the suspense kill me for the meantime.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday advanced! hehe yung 4th wish mo hmmmmmm. sana magkatotoo. at tlg kasama yan sa wish mo ha!lols!-Beth

GLAIZA said...

Heehee! And that last one has to be placed on "special mention" :-) Thanks Beth. <3