Sunday, December 12, 2010

Catching Up

It's another Sunday and likewise, today's another work-free (or should I say training-free) day for me. Back home, my PC still isn't working, thus I am tinkering this from another location. I am hoping that it will be functional once I get home later, after my brother, J decided to have it repaired by someone else (I can't find an IT expert do it anyway).

So, what is new? Save aside the internet-less life at home,( but thanks to the computer kiosk we have at the office, I am still able to check out my updates on Facebook during lunch breaks at 2:30 am), I am doing fine with it. Just before the week ended, I was able to catch Richard Poon perform at the venue just ten minutes from the office. I am now on my fourth training week at work (if I am not mistaken) and my body was able to adapt with the 10pm-7am schedule which has been running for that duration. Some people though find it weird that we call our recess at 2:30 am as lunch break. I've been so used to it, I was able to beat Mercury Drug with their slogan Gising 24 Oras -- because yesterday I was up for like 26 straight hours.

I made it that way because lately, I have been sleeping in excess especially during weekends, like up to 13 hours like I've been on a sleeping marathon. I used the whole Saturday for errands including a consultation with the doctor to have my grandmother's tests interpreted since she can't make it, her being 90 years old.

The afternoon was spent with me checking out Sta. Lucia East mall to scout for the ideal unisex gift for the company's Christmas Party on Friday. I luckily found one and just before lunch today, I already had it wrapped complete with a bow.

I am also catching up with the other things, from browsing the newspapers to watching TV. My grandmother and I share the same sentiment when she remarked that it's been a long time since she had seen newspapers, broadsheets in particular, at home (thank you Jollibee for that complimentary copy of Philippine Star this morning).

Tonight, I am off to catch the episode A Very Glee Christmas of the TV show Glee. I'm quite in an LSS mode with one of the songs they performed, and I'm actually playing it right now.

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