Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bling Debate

Over the past few months, since last year, I've been hearing and receiving news about either a friend or someone close to the family who took the first leap by getting engaged. Just last week, another friend took that dive by ending her single state. And while other chums were as giddy as her, I can't be anything but silent after seeing the bling she was now giddily and proudly wearing on her left ring finger.

Don't get me wrong. Of course, I was happy for her too. But then there are things that I really don't get (yet). From the significance of engagement rings, to why girls cry when their guys ask the (literally) million dollar question.

If I can still recall, in this old post I wrote almost three years ago, I had laid my own perspective about getting engaged and my view about the whole thing called marriage; saying that I really don't need and want an expensive bling to tell the world that I am about to take a big leap. It was a funny thing that while I was a self-confessed gamophobiac that time, I was able to clearly declare what I wanted. Bling or no bling, if one asks me the four-worded question, I'd definitely give an answer. When mom wanted to give me the engagement ring she received from dad, I politely declined and told her that it's hers to keep. I now own another ring (which by default isn't fully mine since it was still from mom) which I don't wear because it causes talk and entices people to ask probing questions if I am engaged or what Leaving me uneasy to respond and explain. I'd like to think that probably, my disposition for not wanting a huge rock on my finger came about when mom gave me that piece of jewelry. But the first and foremost reason why I am not really into it was because it's downright expensive. I believe that while love is priceless, I don't want anything with a (huge) price tag in it. After all, practicality wise, the money one will spend for a Tifanny solitaire may be used for the ones that matter the most.

For me, more than just material symbols to signify commitment, nothing beats the gesture of living by and with the sacred promise that two people make.

Top right photo courtesy of De Beers.

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