Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pathological Picture Taker Mode

I know I mentioned in an old post more than a year ago that a digital camera is among the items in my wishlist. I've long been enticed with blogging and taking photos. Yet, while I make them possible, it's with the help of my cousin's Sony Cybershot or my brother's EOS 400D. I was really, really dying to have one for my own.

The last photo taken by Ate D's Cybershot-- assisted by Photoshop.

So when the royalty (aka paycheck) arrived this January (and thanks to BIR for that tax refund), I immediately placed part of it to purchase this gadget. I intended not to splurge too much amount because one of the reasons I decided to get myself a digicam is for blogging purposes (that shallow, eh?). It had to sit in my cabinet for the whole week because I was all occupied with work at the office though so no dry run for until this morning.

And since I only have 48 hours for a rest-day weekend, I brought the gadget with me for a dry run after hearing the Sunday Mass at the St. Pio chapel which is just a ten-minute walk from Eastwood. Once done with lunch, my pathological picture taker hormones kicked in enough to produce these shots:

First shot looks good.

Everyone loves you as their backdrop. But for today you're the center of attraction.

Looks like a haunted place of some sorts. But no.

Igiling mo, baby! :-)

So far, I'm happy with how the outputs that were captured. For these particular shots, I didn't rely on Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4 for adjustments like what I normally do with those photos taken with Cybershot. I still need to befriend my gadget especially the settings. Case in point, the time and date stamps on the photos were not correct. I just decided to turn this function off so that it will no longer appear in the next batch of photos.

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