Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to Another Love

Among the other things that I'm currently into again is scrapbooking. In one of my previous status posts in Facebook, this is one activity that I'll be venturing to this year. I used to own the same stuff two years ago which is now owned by someone else's (yes, I decided to give it away rather than to keep it -- for some reasons).

Since the last quarter of last year, I have been embarking firsts that I consider worth documenting. And those milestones grow more especially these months and days which prompted me to thinking that probably I should start doing it again.

And the little things that remind me of those milestones are starting to accumulate -- the same way with the joy each event is giving me now. I'd like to think that this time, this scrapbook will be mine to keep and won't have to be owned by if not handed over to someone else.

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