Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dear February, Here We Go Again

And finally, it's time to flip the calendar for another month. And what else could people better associate February with but, well, Valentine's Day, right? Funny but it seems that a lot of us can't help but be early birds even on cheesy occasions like this. In an Audi showroom just near my employer's office building, I have seen red hearts on their doors as early as the third week of January. If they're that excited or exaggerated, I don't have an idea.

Anyhoot, I don't want to be a V-day grinch but I'd admit, The 14th has been a thing that I consider to be an ordinary day. While a lot of people had been planning how and where to spend that red-letter day, I've been meaning to play a joke that I no longer know what Valentine's Day is. Ordinary I tell you except for the fact that people literally paint the town red cradling the dynamic duo of massive (not to mention pricey) bouquet of roses and chocolates ( which like what I said I'll pass not unless I'd love another nerve-wracking bout with migraine). Though I'd like to think it's gonna be fun (even without a hunk for a date) given the lineup of our activities at the office. And given that hand-holding PDA-displaying couples are a normal sight, it's enough to think that everyday is Valentine's.

And since Valentino seems to still be hiding from nowhere, I'd just write about my other loves right in this blog. :-)

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