Sunday, February 13, 2011

If I Were Angel Locsin....

Ang haba ng hair mo, Angel!

I would say YES to you, Phil Younghusband. Unfortunately, I am not her.

I first heard about this through my friend Joy Cabaltera's Facebook status days back. And since I only have limited time for things like browsing my Twitter account these days, I had to wait over the weekend to open my account. So when I got my weekend off, I decided to browse on this (I actually follow Angel's tweets) and from there, I got to find the one above and her reply which was this:

Now, if you're going to ask me what would I say if I get an invitation like the one Angel got, I'd definitely give it a shot. It's not that because he's a cute and famous guy people (especially women) are going gaga over with these days. But that's because it's saying yes as a consolation for the effort. Admit it or not, asking someone out especially with the use of modern technology and social media without stirring any controversy and thought-provoking questions is a hard thing to do these days. And putting yourself in the front line of the possibility of being intrigued by the snooping eyes and probing (if not malicious) questions of people is not that easy. I myself had received such kind of invitation (although the one I had was more straightforward, I think) and while I subtly said yes, at the back of my head, I actually admire these guys for their courage to ask.

And for that they deserve something in return. Even that simple yes would mean a difference.

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