Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Sorry J, But Suzanne Collins Would Have to Wait

They're just piled. But all had been read.

Despite my busy schedule at work, I am trying so hard to squeeze in a few minutes if not an hour or a day to curl up with a good title in bed. I am aware that lately, I have been guilty as charged of not being able to indulge in one of my guilty pleasures -- or should I say my other love. Books that is.

Among my items in my to-do list is to read those titles that I have long been planning to devour in; and I'm on the hunt for good reads. And regardless of the time constraints, I purchased this book weeks ago buried beneath my pillow:

We are changed by what we read. Close that book and you are not the same person anymore. Because of what you read, your worldview -- your understanding, your compassion for others, your ability to engage intelligently with others -- has expanded a little. Books help us grow.

I first encountered the name of the inspirational speaker Francis Kong when I was doing transcriptions for MMLDC's Corporate Wellness lectures almost four years ago and his was the last topic that I worked on. The best was saved for the last one indeed as that talk sent not just me but mom and dad in laughter (because I decided to let them listen to it). I was mainly caught my his witty way of explaining things and values combined with a load of humor. I was even reading one of his books at that time Ondoy was busy ravaging the country. And it's one trait that's evident in his books too.

My friend J on the other hand, is my exact opposite. Though he's also a book-savvy guy, he's allergic to these kinds of books hee..hee.. But I don't really mind him being vocal about it. Because as for me, given the job, schedule and often the stress that I encounter at work, I want and need a different diversion from all of it whenever I have the time (though nothing still beats conversations) and books are a surefire cure. More than just relaxation, it offers me time travels through my imagination. J actually recommended me the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and while I am not fully a sci-fi fan (save for Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park, Carl Sagan's Contact (which I had seen in films) and medical suspense novels) I think giving in and reading the trilogy won't hurt. I have read a synopsis of the book through Wikipedia and had seen a video clip of a particular scene of Hunger Games in his Facebook wall and I'd like to think that J was right -- I might be thanking him later on once I already have the book.

Now, if only National Bookstore will just have those books again, I won't mind spending a grand for it.

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