Saturday, February 5, 2011

Measuring Life in Love

Just a short post, as I've said in my previous entry I'd be putting into black and white the things I love (in short, Valentine's posts) and because it's love season (yeah, mushy, I know) I decided to start it up with this one. The song Seasons of Love from RENT. Now, while I've been a bit of a fan of Broadway, I was not really familiar of this one before. Not until three years ago when I had to partake on an endeavor that involved this particular piece. While it gave me some heebie-jeebies, this song made me overcome one of my biggest fears too. I realized you'd really have to conquer a fear in exchange because you have a promise to keep. At first, I was just singing this for the heck of it but there was a time, I needed to get through the lyrics and well, I realized a lot of things about making the most of the 525,600 minutes that we are all blessed to have.

The musical was staged here in the country last year and will have a repeat again this month. Likewise, I knew some people who went through an immediate LSS with Seasons of Love (so I am not alone.) While they say it's not as awesome as how Broadway did it, I guess it won't hurt if I'd see a performance.

Now, if someone could go with me for that particular show.

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