Monday, February 14, 2011

A V-Day Video I Absolutely Like!

Since I am on soloflight working mode for Valentine's Day, I just decided to spend time browsing on my Facebook and Twitter account from where I found this video link in one of the Tweets I am following.

Seeing Divine Lee whip up yummy dishes in her posh kitchen not jest left my eyes and tummy in a gastronomic feast but left me with a rather strong conviction of pushing a plan back again. Resume to and take my cooking skills seriously -- another notch higher.

It's been a long time since I tried cooking for two. Yup, you heard that right. I used to cook for two. Being in the kitchen whipping up breakfast (in my pajamas) or even dinner (in either shirt and jeans or the usual smart casuals arriving from work) is one of the things that give me both relief and a sense of accomplishment. And these days being in auto pilot US timezone mode working in the night shift, I normally find myself up by 5am (I get to complete three hours or so of sleep, if I get lucky I get eight or nine) and in instances like that, these days, I would just find myself preparing breakfast again by myself.

They say the best way (not just to a man's) to the heart is through the stomach. I admit that I do miss cooking for two and I'd love to do it again; as I still believe that nothing beats that wonderful feeling of whipping and sharing a hearty meal. These days mom kept reminding me of that skill I have set aside. And since getting a job last year, I have been seeing myself shopping with mom for groceries and the whole kitchen-related stuff on times when I'm just home. I'd like to believe that I can probably take that "domestic goddess" title at least even during the weekend.

More than just a conventional belief that the art of cooking possessing that kitchen skill is just for ladies to have, the gesture is what I consider a real labor of love.

Happy V-day people.

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