Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Foodtrips and Getaways

Because it was another payday weekend, I took time off to meet a friend and a treat for mom this Saturday and Sunday. It has been a given indulgence for me to go malling as a breather after long not to mention setback-stricken week at work. I just knew I badly needed a break.

First stop: Saturday dinner at Starbucks with Joy

Whipped cream here...

I haven't seen my college classmate Joy for such a long time both because I was busy at work and because she's also busy -- as a doting, supportive girlfriend to her beau, Jeff. I'd sometimes ask her out on Sundays but she only has Saturdays free. Unfortunately, it's on Saturdays when I feel at the worst -- groggy and feeling like I just got wheeled out of a hospital operating room perhaps out of exhaustion.

But when I was sure I was really feeling okay yesterday (even with just four hours of sleep) I gave it a shot to text her for us to meet. The night was spent talking about guys, particularly Joy's boyfriend of course (since I don't have much to tell about it :-p) over coffee (in my case, it's a tall glass of strawberries and cream and Belgian waffle. Funny but while I asked Joy to meet me up, it turned out that she also wanted us to see each other because she has this freakingly-funny and weird dream to tell -- involving me and someone I actually knew. (Now if only I could find out the reason why I was freaking out in that dream, Joy)

Whipped cream there!

This is actually the first time I got to try Starbucks's Belgian waffle. I actually ordered mocha for it's topping so, imagine my dismay (okay, just a bit) when my order came with chocolate topping. The thing there is, I knew I repeated my order twice to the cashier just to be sure she got it -- which unfortunately, she didn't. The waffle thankfully was good -- served hot at least for consolation.

Sunday: Lunch at the mall with Mom

Going to Megamall was not really among my plans. These days, I no longer plan out these trips; not unless needed (case in point: for meet-ups). So when mom arrived from church this morning, I told her where I was going and asked her if she wanted to come. So, when she said yes, off we go.

Behind the closed door is a photoshoot! Lol!

Ayt! So besides just chilling out, part of the reason for this trip was to purchase some outfits. While I don't wear any uniform to work, I just wanted to spare myself (or should I say mom more) from boredom out of the same tees that I wear to the office. Here I am trying to check out this red and white top from Bobson. I eventually purchased this as the style and color itself is so chic. Just as what I wanted.

Chickenjoy! Rawwwrrr!!!

For lunch, we just decided to hit Jollibee (again). After all, since my shift ended Saturday morning, I've been literally humming the lines of that old fast food jingle I Love You Sabado. And of course, because I was craving for Chickenjoy and another comfort food, chocolate sundae!

More than just being like a kid again enjoying a trip to the mall, Mama also enjoyed the treat. Too bad, Papa was not yet home as he's in his hometown as of this writing. Papa, you better come home, you're missing the fun! After lunch, we went to the Atrium where I showed mom the places where I had been to during those two Saturdays of January when I secured her permission when I went out with a friend.

Never worry about tomorrow. It will deal on itself. Don't worry for God will provide.

Of course, despite the fun, Sunday will always be a holy day of obligation and hearing mass is still on top of my list. For today, I went to the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord. I once paid this chapel a visit years back in it's old site. Now, the chapel looked great in their new location as it's actually bigger and really nicer . Now there's no more excuse not to go to church because you're in a mall.

Now that's how my weekend is going. Tonight, I'll be curling in bed with my Chicken Soup paperback and designing the scrapbook. Hope you're having a great weekend everyone!

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