Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'll Be Gone For Sometime

That is because aside from being busy at work, I need to catch up on some other stuff including these:

My journal is dying to be updated and it's making me guilty since this has been buried in my pillow and I haven't found the time to write anything in it. All the words that should have been in the pages of these journal are in a wad of purple-colored paper that I wrote back in the office. The night is long so I will transfer them all tonight -- just when everyone is asleep.

And just as they sleep, I'll also be occupying myself curled in bed with a good book. I haven't really dived into a good read for a very long time. I'll be relishing the weekend night by reading Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. I've been hearing about this book and saw this today in National Bookstore just this afternoon and knowing that this has a nice review, I gave it a shot and bought one for my library (and for me to read, of course). I'll probably bring this book to work again just like the other book I have read. I have read this book's synopsis and there are words that caused me to get this book for myself.

And so, let me hibernate for a few more days. I'll be writing my thoughts (especially on the book) as soon as I get back.

I hope everyone's going to have a wonderful week.

Never Let Me Go photo courtesy of Random House Inc.

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