Friday, April 22, 2011

Discovering Places This Holy Week

One of the things that immediately came to my head as I finalized the papers for my approved two-day leave for Holy Week was going to the traditional Visita Iglesia with some family members including Tita Vinda who was home for a vacay and initiated the plan for this once a year church trip. We drafter the churches to visit as soon as I arrived from work Thursday morning and upon informing them that I won't need to come in to work until Friday night.

This year, I visited the usual churches and chapels including the St. Gabriel the Archangel Chapel and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Binangonan (not pictured) and the parish church in my hometown which I haven't paid a visit lately since I've been hearing Sunday mass at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord in SM Megamall.

St. Clement Parish Church. Photo from here.

Taking the unexpected surprise of having a time off from work, we particularly visited these churches last night:

Christ the King Parish Taytay, Rizal. Photo from here.

From what used to be a small church along Taytay National Road, Christ the King Parish is now in a more appropriate and spacious location just minutes from where it used to be situated. They now call this church a Church in the Sky because it's now on top of a hill overlooking a wonderful scenic view comparable to the hills of Antipolo.

St. John the Baptist Church, Taytay Rizal

There were two churches from Taytay that we visited and this was the second one. St. John the Baptist Church is at the town proper. This is actually the third time I visited this church, the same place where mom and dad got married 27 years ago.

Our Lady of Light Parish Cainta, Rizal Photo from here.

Next up was the Our Lady of Light Parish in Cainta. One thing I found out, this church is one of the oldest religious structures in the province. It also made me feel a bit giddy because I got to pay a visit to the church where a friend's sibling got married years ago. Oh, and this is my first time in this place too.

photo from here.

photo from here.

Our trip extended to Pasig area visiting San Antonio Abad Parish in Maybunga, Pasig and the one pictured above, the Sta. Clara de Montefalco Parish in C. Raymundo Avenue. It was also my first time to visit both churches but it was Sta. Clara de Montefalco that left mom and I really astounded. The interiors of the church was really breathtaking and wait until you see the altar. I thought Antipolo Cathedral and San Beda College's Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat have the best altar when it speaks of aesthetics, I can't help but let a deep, loud sigh seeing how beautiful their altar in that Pasig church was. It gave me an idea that if and when I get married, I'd want that to take place here. The church also features a huge statue of St. Claire situated in a wishing fountain -- and based on my experience, it was in this church I realized each wish still needs some effort. I advise you to drop by and give this church a visit and try for yourself to know why I said so.

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