Saturday, April 9, 2011

Henamoko and Being One with Japan

Just this week, the company where I am currently employed initiated projects that will raise funds for Japan after the earthquake and tsunami that hit the said country. All of the proceeds will be donated to Japan and being an employee, I decided to join the endeavor; participating in three events last week -- a street food fair (initiated by our department), a book donation drive (which was spearheaded by the UK print group) and the other one was Henamoko --a tattoo project which was a brainchild of our graphic artists.

Compared to my younger brother (who's got some images tattooed on his body), I have never tried having a tattoo even before. But this time, after telling mom that I plan to get one (and not waiting for her response) I decided to give it a try. Still, I decided a rather simple design that could be finished within 30 minutes given that I have to be in my station by 7:30 pm. Now, the tattoo reminds me of that scene from one of my favorite films, A Walk To Remember where Mandy Moore got one of her dreams of getting a temporary butterfly tattoo on her back.

Anyway, I clarified with mom that this is just a henna tattoo and won't be permanently etched in my skin. More than just giving in at another exciting dare at 26, I know that I played a part in helping out someone else.

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