Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Bandwagon

The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge seemed to have swept the entire world by storm. I was able to watch a few scenes of the said event on TV yesterday; although I have comments to make regarding the said wedding of the century.

I was a bit disappointed with Catherine's dress. I admit I was expecting something to be as elegant as the late Princess Diana's gown but it wasn't even at par to it. It took months of speculation regarding who designed the dress, that eventually turned out to be the late Alexander McQueen's label (prior to the revelation, I was thinking of Vera Wang) but like what some fashion experts say, there wasn't anything McQueen in it. I'm no fashion guru so I cannot really comment so much. Yet, Catherine is stunning just like how any bride would. It's just that I find her gown so simple when I was expecting something glamorous.

Another was the ring. It was so evident that William struggled in putting the ring on the bride's finger and I wonder how and what Catherine felt. Now, if I would be a bride, I won't like my wedding band to be the wrong fit.

When it reached the part for the vow, I liked the part when Catherine expressed that she won't obey her husband. Now, while wedding promises are important, she was just that open and honest by her words. At least she knew that you should not really make a promise you won't intend to keep. And I see it to be that way. I admire her courage to break a rule once in a while.

If there is one thing I like about this wedding, it's seeing two people who are obviously filled with love. At a certain point, they're an epitome of the advice that you should marry out of love and not out of responsibility -- although being an heir to the throne is going to be a responsibility eventually. Their wedding is a far cry from that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's. There was none of those "whatever love means" line. They're that matured to face the world as husband and wife and are prepared to face challenges together.

Many are hopeful that this marriage between a humble royalty to a sophisticated yet simple commoner would bring a big difference to the monarchy. I see William and Catherine as an ideal pair, I should admit. And just like people out there, I also hope that their marriage would be a divorce-less, lasting union and that it's really the start of a happy ever after.

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