Friday, April 22, 2011

What I Did For Maundy Thursday

When it dawned on me that I will not be reporting for work yesterday night, given my approved leave at work, there were things I drafted impromptu aside from catching up Zzzzsss.

So what were they? Scroll down to know.

After getting enough sleep from the night shift, I spent an hour watching a documentary from GMA 7's Case Unclosed with the episode Lihim ng 1897 (Secrets of 1897). It tries to solve the mystery of Juan Luna and Andres Bonifacio's tragic deaths. Apparently, they say it was Emilio Aguinaldo who ordered to kill the two aforementioned heroes. Given the history geek that I am, it just replenished my mind. I remember back in highschool, this was mentioned to us by one of out tour guides that the reason why Aguinaldo lost a second term for presidency was because it became known that he was the culprit of Bonifacio's death.

Anyway, a couple of hours after being a couch potato, off we went to Jollibee to treat my nephew and niece together with my cousins and mom for dinner. I promised that to my niece earlier that morning after she tripped and scrapped her knees after running to see me when I came home from work.

After staying there for an hour or so, mom and I stopped by Watson's to get dad's prescriptions and there I met Siena, one of my classmates back when I was still in preschool. Funny but mom was amazed because we still remember each other (not just by names, mind you).

Once we all got home, we just made room for two to three hours of rest only to hit the road again. This time, for the Visita Iglesia which will be in my next post.

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