Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back To A Place From My Past

Today, I started fulfilling my vow not to leave home for some weekend pasyal to catch up on things-- which includes writing an entry on this blog as well.

So I am still up and about as of this writing. Just like last week when our office went on an outing at Ocean Adventure located in Subic. Now, Subic is no longer a new place for me. I even call it a place from my past because I've been there before -- six years ago. The only difference though was that six years ago, I was in the area with someone else and I never set foot at Ocean Adventure itself compared to last week.

So, how did my first company outing go? Let these pictures tell ya!

Here, I am with my officemates Jhaz and Lori taken at past 5 am of Saturday. I should say these girls are that lucky because I guess they were able to get some sleep whereas, I actually didn't. Yeah. Call it being pent up by adrenalin for a reason but I hardly ever had sleep since Friday night until the day of the outing itself.

This is moi at 7 am still on the way to Subic. I look quite agitated because migraine had started setting in again and I was trying badly to fall asleep. I had to endure the throbbing pain in my head until lunch time.

We arrived past 9 am at Ocean Adventure. Here's the backpacker me with my officemates.

Ocean Adventure offered an environmental awareness show too. The photo above was among those "must see shows" that you should not miss when you visit. On the side, the narrator, who said his name was Olongapo Jones, reminds me of two people -- Kuya Kim Atienza (who I follow on Twitter) and the ex boyf :-p

One of the best attractions I've ever seen were the dolphins. Yep, it's not just my dear TL who got totally smitten by these adorable creatures because I did too. I was half squealing in my seat and at the back of my head, it feels like being a kid again.

The whole experience went well for me. I enjoyed watching the games (we've got our own version of Amazing Race) and of course, the beach. I won't hide it, if there's one thing I only look forward to during summer, it's the sea and the sand. Unfortunately it was also during that day at the beach, my allergies did not seem to miss the event too. But luckily, our nurse was that prompt and prepared to hand me an antihistamine medication to combat the reactions. Nevertheless, it did not cloud my sunshine.

How about you? What did you do for summer?

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