Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Love

While I'm about to start a new work week again tonight, let me just give four things I'm loving lately -- just to kick-off and start the week right!

I hear laughter in the rain...

As I type this down, it's a rainy day! And this has been the weather since yesterday due to a typhoon. No, don't take me wrong. I'm not happy because of the typhoon but because finally, there's rain; making days a little bit cool. After all, the past weeks had been that scorching (if not fiery) hot which makes it difficult for me because I have to wake up feeling sticky and with migraine in the afternoon which kind of hampers work (yes, just unnoticed). I just hope that with this rain pouring down, PAGASA would eventually declare the start of the wet season. And I could hopefully sing Laughter in the Rain :-)

I'm also loving my newest beauty loot, Calgon in Marshmallow which I received from my balikbayan relatives. I've been inlove with the brand (second to Victoria's Secret) after getting the first Calgon Cool Sun shower body mist two years ago. Who would have thought that marshmallow could be more than just a kiddie treat! I'm loving the whole set from the lotion, body mist to the bubble bath. Even mom had started sharing the delight with me. The scent is really great, I tell you. Enough to give me such a good mood.

From Disneyland, Singapore to Pinas!

I've also been receiving little things from friends. I'm a huge sucker for abubots including keychains, that I have decided to collect them. My former boss and managing editor, Ms. Peng once noticed them when I placed them o my bag's zipper but since it cannot accommodate everything, I decided to keep them at home. Recently, I received another addition to my collection: bracletes from Boracay from my officemate Pearl and from Puerto Galera from my TL JC and a keychain from my brother's recent trip to Coron, Palawan.

Can't get enough of the bandwagon, eh!

And lest before I forget, after weeks of anticipation, I finally got the copy of OK! Philippines' May issue. I certainly agree with its editor-in-chief, Frances in her blog, Topaz Horizon about two things: 1) Patience is indeed a virtue (or in her version, a virgin) and 2: This month's issue is really a keeper -- collector's item, for real, indeed!

Hope your Monday's great, everyone!

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