Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy Bee Evidence

Typing this down on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Mom is already urging me to hit the sack since I have not slept since I came from work this afternoon. While I am starting to feel the dizzy spell, I still want to spend some time doing things I love.

I've been darn busy the past few months. Thus, when I am home during the weekend, it's like a race against time to fit and do things within 48 hours. These days, my journal has long been neglected (but Bogs has a record of everything which I religiously try to do daily), it took me a week to finish the scrapbook which I could normally finish within a day or two and the books? well, they're piling up and are dying to be read.

Reading has been an indulgence for me for the longest time but lately, just like how my friend Ella puts it, with all our busy schedules, being able to finish a whole book is already an achievement. Of all the five books I have pictured above, I was only able to finish Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson.

I am trying -- hard to bring back something I love pages or at least a chapter at a time.

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