Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flashback to the PressCon Season

Little notes of hardwork and pride. This is how I found the description for the word "award". Ever since I joined my current company, these little notes during the R and R are one thing I look forward to next to having weekends off and of course, US federal holidays.

Back when I was still in the university, I also had these little treasures; notes that I still keep up to this day, and look into once in awhile. Just reminiscing how sweet it felt walking to accept those little tokens are enough for me to spell HAPPINESS in my own simple way. Not to mention, seeing how proud my former professor, Ma'am Cez was as she watched us walk and accept our certificates.

Today, in the early and stormy hours of Saturday morning, those memories of the presscon season came back on my mind as I accepted the little yet meaningful tokens of my hardwork in the office together with other office pals. I'm not really gunning for too much but this day, receiving one unexpected citation left me with an amount of disbelief. Yes, I was happy while quietly enjoying that wonderful feeling as I tried going back to the memory of the presscon season -- all complete with that wide, giddy smile on my face.

However, the memory has to be cut short as I felt all too awkward; because I caught a colleague's piercing glance and a really charming smile -- I was probably that stunned for I got to mumble nothing back but "what".

But that's another story.

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